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06.06 Shopping Savvy

No description

gabby hahney

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of 06.06 Shopping Savvy

Before you meet with your personal trainer you should visit your doctor to make sure you are physically fit to be exercising. Your trainer might want to work with your doctors to create a workout routine to deal with any medical conditions or issues.
Costs will vary from $20 to $80 depending on your session. Average sessions are about $50.
Additional Information
6.06 Shopping Savvy By Gabrielle Hahney
Fitness Club
Certified Personal trainers (male and female) available to help you with your workout and fitness goals.
Call 1-219-666-1738 to sign up today!
Trainers are available to fit your needs and meet you at any gym to work with you.
*All trainers are CPR and first aid certified.
All information is kept between you and your trainer.
What to Think About
Communication is key. Make sure you are willing to work with your instructor to establish goals and discuss what you are and aren't comfortable with.
Before signing up make sure you are willing to put in the dedication this takes. Results won't show up overnight. Progress takes time. Not only will you be putting in a lot of time into this for workouts, but you might even change your diet. Are you willing to commit to these things?
Trainers are available at the gyms they work at, but are available to meet you where it's most convenient. Generally trainers are available between 7am and 7pm.
Programs offered include strength training, cardio training, athletic training, pre or post natal fitness, weight loss, biomechanics, women's fitness, Pilates, yoga, aerobics, martial arts, kickboxing, and speed drills. You will have a trainer and workout assigned to you that is compatible with your needs.
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