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Sellah's PLE

This prezi shows all of the resources I use to help me with my studies and revision. It gives a brief outlook on how exactly each particular resource is useful to me. http://prezi.com/8uou9wsh7hwh/

Sellah Ogoda

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Sellah's PLE

Sellah's PLE Social networking Site Friends Questions on Topics revision panic and procrastination- distraction person to beat study buddy Vicky Babs has similar study habbits facebook messaging does all the same modules queries on anything misunderstood in lectures! Imran Basri competition! not allowed to beat me Lisa Chung motivational before exams good for REVISION revise in the library between lectures and before exams Ashleigh Reeves wake up calls for early lectures last minute study partner panic or procrastination makes useful notes Wikipedia Free Online Encyclopedia has wiki pages on all topics wide range of information highly recommended used for background reading easily summarised information supplementary students best friend though perhaps not as detailed as the recommended books from the course good when you want to quickly check up something... or even revise facts quickly (and last minute...?) always changing though because it is a wiki and can be edited Pros Cons risk of plagiarism... easy mistake What I Think... Youtube is my life... many people use youtube daily
What I use youtube for source of many videos on the net has explanatory videos on topics related to science Why youtube? sometimes it can be easier to learn by seeing may remember things more easily funny memorable videos make studying less boring Video: University of Leeds Portal The VLE Virtual Learning Environment easy access to lecture slides for revision can read lecture slides in advance... ...and print them off before lectures can make notes from them after lectures Lecture slides resources for all modules module handbooks and lecture notes online reading material Facebook Wikipedia Youtube Portal VLE access to online library eBooks eJournals for extra reading find good references for lab reports email work on group wikis email tutors for help, organise meetings links to LeedsforLife and the VLE Module Handbooks Online learning resources upload coursework extra reading and notes provided by lecturers podacasts articulate recorded lectures deadlines- all dates given timetables assessment information printable turnitin link
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