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Port of Seattle

No description

Chris Santos

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle
History and Future
Port of Seattle is a port district act that runs Seattle's seaport and airport
It's mission is to create jobs by advancing trade and commerce, promoting industrial growth and stimulating development
It's creation was approved by the voters of King County, Washington, on September 5, 1911, and authorized by the Port District Act
Over the next 25 years, the port will add 100,000 jobs through economic growth, for a total of 300,000 port-related jobs in the region while reducing our environment footprint
Port activities generate 194,000 jobs
Cruise Ship Terminal
In 2015, Seattle will host 220 cruise ships and more than 895,000 passengers
Seattle cruise industry generates 3,404 jobs and $407.8 million in business revenue
Each cruise ship call brings $2.4 million in the economy
Cruise terminal is 11-acre complex along Seattle's waterfront
The destinations include British Columbia and Alaska
Six cruise lines include Carnival, Norwegian, Celebrity, Holland America, Princess and Royal Caribbean
Port is open to cruises from May to September
Port owns and operates Seattle-Tacoma's international airport
It's the nations 15th busiest, handling more than 37,497,941 passengers in 2013
Port economic impact is strong
Seattle's seaport and airport generate nearly 200,000 jobs throughout the region, with payroll in excess of $6.8 billion
5 commisionares were elected at large by the voters of King County, serve 4 year terms and establish policy
Chief executive officer, in carrying out these policies leads 1700 employees in 5 divisions
Of nearly 140 public general activation airports in Washington, 35 are operated by port districts, comprising 33 landing fields and two seaplane bases in 29 different ports throughout 20 of the 39 Washington counties
95,000 passengers go out a day
Airport was built in 1934
Port of Seattle
By: Nicole Gladfelder
Seaport sits on 1,543 acres of waterfront
Cargo handling facilities helped rank Seattle as nations 8th busiest U.S seaport in 2012, serving 18 international steamship lines moving more than 1.88 million TEU's (Cargo)
Seaport is one of most diverse in the U.S, and is home to wide range of activities that bring trade to region and generate thousands of jobs
Four in ten jobs are tied to international trade
Seaport offers non-stop services to 19 international services
Shell is paying morage to port at Terminal 5 for their drilling fleet. Shell wants to drill for oil in Artic sea, but people are worried it could cause an oil spill, people are protesting
In worst year of depression, shipping out of port of Seattle slowed, dockworkers lost jobs
Fisherman's Terminal
Fisherman's Terminal located on Salmon Bay
It's the largest in North America
Fisherman's celebrate 100 years
Home of vessels that are on "Deadliest Catch"
Bell Harbor Marine can accommodate 70 boats
There is 2,800 feet of dock space
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