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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Arlene Rojas

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What is Sexual Harassment?
Quid Pro Quo
Hostile work environment.

Types of Sexual Harassment
Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Causes of Sexual Harassment
Culture and gender roles
- > With men and women working in the same environment, men tend to show their stronger sides that exposes sexual harassment as their way to express their resentment and try to claim their authority over women.

Lack of Consequences or punishmen
t -> Lack of Rules and regulations about sexual harassment/Not implemented as much.
Under Federal Law Sexual Harassment is Illegal
Hostile Work Environment
Effects of Sexual Harassment
Physical Effects of Sexual Harassment
According to US EEOC, "sexual harassment is bullying a sexual nature verbally or physically, unwelcome sexual advances or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchanging sexual favors.''
Hostile work environment is a type of sexual harassment occurs when a coworker or supervisor in the workplace makes sexual advances or comments to an employee. This will not affect promotions or the future of the employee's job, which makes the working environment of the employee's offensive.

Quid Pro Quo is when an employee gets a promotion or even gets to keep his/her job based on if the employee submitted to or rejected sexual advances or other types of inappropriate sexual comments.
Quid Pro Quo
Walmart Cases of
Sexual Harrassment
April 2013
August 2011
Case involving a disabled woman worker of Walmart in Cleveland.
Jamie Wells, the disabled woman, worked in Walmart’s lawn and garden department from April 2005 to January 2011.
While working there, she was a victim of sexual touching while on store premises by a male employee.
Management was aware of harassment, but took no action
Instead, Walmart’s management decided to fire Wells three weeks later,
Walmart eventually settled, and paid Wells over $300,000.
"In addition to providing a substantial amount of monetary relief to the victim, the settlement puts mechanisms in place to help prevent this type of discrimination in the future.”
Another female worker who was an Overnight stocker in a Walmart store in Dallas, Texas was repeatedly being sexually harassed.
Like the previous case, the harassment was known by store management .
There was another lawsuit, and Walmart settled and paid $27,500 to the victim.
On the aggressor:
-Advantage over the victim at work

On the Victim:
-Stress & Anxiety
-Headaches/Sleep Deprivation
-Losing Focus

What is the Employer's Responsibility?
Wal-Mart Statement of Ethics:
"We believe in treating each other with respect,
whether its a co-worker, supplier, customer, or anyone doing business with us."

It is imperative for every employer to enforce regulations and punish those who do not follow the policy.

The employer should first clearly define what sexual harassment is.

It is the employers' responsibility to create and strictly follow the guidelines of a sexual harassment-free workplace.

Prepared for: Wal-Mart
Prepared by: Wal-Mart Human Resources Team
Arlene Rojas
Elaine Lenh
Galen Wong
Jezreel Saldajeno
Existence of Sexual Harassment in the workplace.

(How to prevent or cope with this issue)

Plan of Action:
-Provide Guidelines
-Implement Idea that could prevent sexual harassment.

Wal-Mart Current Guidelines
Number of Sexual Harrasment Charges filed to EEOC
15,887 sexual Harassment charges
11,364 sexual Harrassment charges
11.6% filed by men
16.3% filed by men
1. Clearly define sexual harassment in policy handbook to avoid confusion.
2. Establish a time limit and a clear reporting procedure.
3. Establish training sessions
every six months.
4. Establish a non-
retaliation policy.
5. Provide support and
Any Questions?
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