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The Magical Amazing

No description


on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Magical Amazing


3rd grade
March 18,2015

This is a picture of the layers of the rainforest.
Did you know the mayority of the birds live in the canopy.
This are some reptiles from thousands of them and they rainforest.
And this a monkey of the rainforest he lives in the canopy.When they cut 1,000 of trees they are destroy the monkeys habitats !
We have to save the rainforest just look at this tree, he is dieing and if they die we die because they give us oxygen.
This is the Amazing rainforest.
It gives us oxygen and 100 more things.
If we cut trees we will die because wen
cut trees they don't give us oxygen.
And this plant gives us a lot of things and they need the trees to grow.
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