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Harley Davidson

Marketing - Product - Brand

Abhilash Kondraganti

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Harley Davidson

“It’s a journey, not a destination” THERE'S NO COMPROMISE


THERE'S ONLY FORWARD Marketing MIX PRODUCT PRICE PROMOTION PLACE Mr. Abhilash Kondraganti THE RIDER * Advertising to attract Young blood.

* Customers want consistency.
So the DNA is very important : it's the heart.

* Loyal customers are not sufficient for
company to survive. Finding List www.harley-davidson.com
Sportster Motorcycles
Touring bikes
Dyna, Softail & VRSC
Customized Bikes
(883cc to 1803cc) DNA Products Extentions Belts, Buckles
Helmets & Jackets
Baseball caps
Casul dress, Gloves
Beer,Bars, Mugs > Price depends on Country.
-In INDIA (Rs. 5,60,000- Rs. 35,45,000)

> Being a specialty product, the price must
remain somewhat high to maintain the value
and prestige of the brand. - Comercials
- "Testdrives"
- Museum
- Tours
* Word of mouth strategy
* Reinforcing the quality of the bikes > 1,065 dealers worldwide
> Not to sell more than 30 percent
of the bikes overseas
> "Harley-Davidson University"
> Treats the dealers not only
as partners, but also as
customers. USA - 54
Japan - 16
Europe - 10
Australia - 38 % of the
Market share RECOMMENDATIONS > Five dealers across India
> The dealers appointed will be
the sole retailers for Harley-Davidson
- motorcycles,
- genuine parts and accessories, and
- Motor clothes apparel and will operate
- authorized service centres across the five
cities in India. / Distribution in India / The five new dealerships are as follows:

Tusker Harley - Davidson in Bengaluru, led by Srinivas

Himalayan Harley - Davidson in Chandigarh, led by Siddharth Garg

Banjara Harley - Davidson in Hyderabad, led by K Jairam

Seven Islands Harley - Davidson in Mumbai, led by Arjun Bafna

Capital Harley - Davidson in New Delhi, led by Atul Aggarwal > Participates in motorcycle shows, rallies
and other high profile events.

> H.O.G. Strategy. IN INDIA > 33% of owners previous owned
competitor motor cycle.

> Not about the product- it's about the

> "There's not a motorcycle riding
experience like a Harley-Davidson's"

> Resale value Differentiation Not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. "The grandaddy of all community-building efforts", serving to promote 1
2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 > Harley fostered close relationships with its dealers
and provided them with a full line of other products.

> Store is used as a meeting place for not only Harley
riders, but other potential customers. Oligopoly High barriers to entry Non–price competition Price stability within the market High degree of interdependence between firms Abnormal profits Every step taken with precision. Every part a masterpiece.
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