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St. Alexandra of Rome

No description

Paola Perez

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of St. Alexandra of Rome

St. Alexandra of Old Rome
Why I choose St. Alexandra
I choose St. Alexandra for four reasons.
I'm named after her (middle name)
She has an interesting story
She was married to Diocletian and didn't die for a while
She shoved away her fears and revealed her love of Christ
About Alexandra
She was married to Diocletian, who was responsible for the deaths of many Christians. While St. George was being tortured, she bowed in front of him and revealed her faith in Jesus Christ. Her husband was outraged by this and had her executed along with St. George. She accepted her execution and prayed as the guards took her to the execution place. She asked if she could rest for a while. They allowed this and she silently gave her soul to the Lord. She was beheaded and two days later so was St. George.
Fun Facts
She practiced Christianity secretly because she was afraid her husband would kill her
She is mentioned in the "Martyrdom of Saint George"
Her symbol is the crown
Many Christians did what she did and professed their faith in an arena for everyone to ear (it's believed to be about 630)
She is a Catholic Saint but is not a patron saint of anything
She had a daughter, who she secretly raised a Christian, that later became a martyr and saint, St. Valeria.
St. Alexandra of Rome
Date of birth: c. 451
Date of death: April 21, 303
Feast day: April 23
Other Names: Saint Alexandra of Old Rome, Saint Alexandra of Amisus, The Martyr Empress Alexandra, The Holy Empress Alexandra, Saint Priscilla or Prisca
Country: Roman Empire (modern day Italy)

St. Alexandra of Rome
By: Paola Perez

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