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Product innovation

No description

abigail tay

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Product innovation

Spherification of soups Product Innovation Choice of product Spherification of soups [Esfera la Sopa]

-Bite-sized spheres
-Can be steamed, baked or fried
-Can be sold in convenient pack or sold in take-away stores Process Prepare sodium alginate solution Solutions Side reactions between alginate and soup contents
Multiple trials Marketing Strategy Tony Liew
Chua Jian Yong
Sonya Ang
Zi Yang
Abigail Tay Reason for product choice Challenges Food Chemistry 2. Novel product -Prevent spillage
-Ease of drinking soup
-on-the-go -Not seen in convenience stores 4. Similar technology used before 1. Convenience
food 3. Can make healthy food more delicious and appealing -Denotes possible feasibility eg. Molecular Gastronomy -Taste
-Visual (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Cook the soup Add Calcium lactate Drip drops of soup into sodium alginate solution Encase soup spheres with wheat gluten film Steam wrapped spheres Rapid freezing of cooked spheres Add final desired layer to soup spheres Packaging -set aside for 15 min -Heat exchange
-Homogenizing -Provide the Ca ions -Spheres of soup wrapped in calcium alginate membrane will form -Similar to sausage casing technology -Very short steam time (~30 sec)
-Wheat gluten film is thin
-Prevent rupturing of calcium alginate membrane -Prevent sticking
-Solidify and maintain sphere shape
-Increase shelf-life
-Maintain superlative sensory qualities -Pasta layer
-Bread layer -Frozen first
-Modified Atmosphere Packaging
-Large packets Sensory Perception Mechanical stability Cost of production Addition of alginate may change sensory attributes -Alginate membrane
-Wheat gluten film
-Thermal Stability -Side reactions between alginate and soup contents Objectives
To provide high quality tasty, healthy and convenient food to consumers. Product
Fresh ingredients
Healthy and low fat
Novel, sophisticated and exciting
Ready - To - Eat
Packaged in paper cups
Low cost
Size - individual serving size Pricing
Customer- Based Pricing
Using price to increase perceived value, enhance product quality
Targeted at tertiary students and working class.
Higher spending power
Willing to pay for quality products
Priced at $4 - $5 per cup or $15 for family packs
Different price range for different customers Promotion
Promotional pricing
Value-added offers, "buy more for less"
Bundled pricing with complementary products
Product sampling
Hold small scale product tastings at retailing outlets
Increase product presence
Create product liking
Mass Media advertising
Newspaper, advertisements Place Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Consumer Target market group
- Tertiary students
- Working Class
- Families 2+ Rapid freezing of soup spheres Solidify & maintain sphere shape Alginate membrane
Longer immersion time - High fixed costs
Machinery required for mass production
- Price of food may be high Sensory Perception
Taste tests
Taste and flavour
Texture Thermal Stability
Wheat gluten film
Soy protein isolate increase tensile and bursting strength
Cost of production and subsequent price of food
Mass production
Match production layout with demand
Vary packaging sizes
Bigger bags lower cost per ball
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