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Use of gate in Reaper DAW.

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Michał Olek

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Use of gate in Reaper DAW.

Demonstration of use of a gate in a musical context using Reaper DAW.
Setting up compressor
If you play track now, there will be no difference because even though the compressor is switched on, its parameters are set in such a way that nothing is changed. (Threshold is 0,0 dB and ratio is 1:1)
So I set up threshold to -18 dB and ratio to 3:1. I leave parameters "attack" and "release" as they were: 3ms and 100ms respectively.
Auto make-up
Adding compressor
As you can see music has very quiet and very loud parts. Now it is not a problem but it will be when this track will be mixed with other tracks - the quiet parts could be not loud enough and the loud parts could be too loud. To fix this, one can use compressor. To add compressor to the track ...
Hello, my name is Michał Olek and I live in Wrocław, Poland. This presentation is done for assignment for week 4 of Introduction to Music Production on Coursera.org.
It demonstrates an effective use of a gate in a musical context using Reaper DAW.
For the start I recorded guitar - the sound has quite large dynamic range.
Below you can see the track and the music is played
click "FX" on track, choose "Cockos" category
and add "VST : ReaComp" and click OK
compressor is added to track and you can see default parameters of compressor
Track is played with new compressor's parameters. When playing loud parts compressor shows how much reduction it performs - here:
-3.3 dB (on vertical bar indicated by arrow)
Just to compare I added transofmed track below the original one. You can see that loud parts are not as loud as in original track. You can hear it too.
As you can hear the level after processing is more uniform but lower, so it is good idea to raise it up a bit. Compressor can make it automatically - so that loudest parts will be the same as before but the level of the rest will be higher. To turn it on you need to ...
... check "Auto make-up" parameter in compressor.
You can compare levels of tracks without "Auto make-up"
(track 2) and with "Auto make-up" (track 3). You can also hear now sound from track 3 - it is louder.
However, this option is not used often - it is better to
regulate manually level after compression
Thank you for your time.
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