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3 Natural Wonders of the World

so, i have 2 do this project 4 skool. there was nothing else to do it on so i picked 3 natural wonders of the world. enjoy! please write good comments.

Libby W.

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of 3 Natural Wonders of the World

3 Natural Wonders of the World! Subtopics: the grand canyon
human history
attractions victoria falls
human history
attractions mt.everest
human history
attractions The Grand Canyon The canyon is located in Arizona. It is the biggest canyon in the world. The layers of the canyon has many different kinds of colors and rocks in the layers.That gives its feature of "stripes" on the sides. mt.everest
human history
successess Grand Canyon National Park is in Arizona. The canyon itself rests in the landmark. The canyon may seem dry, but inbetween paths and trails, there are oasis with drinkable water. The Colorado River runs north to south in the Grand Canyon.The water from the river supplys the water for the oasis. The Grand Canyon holds the record as 2nd deepest canyon in the WORLD! A canyon in Nepal,Kali Gandaki George,is deeper by 2 feet. Many native american tribes lived in the canyon. The first tribe came in 1200 B.C.. The tribes settled in shelters made of rocks, or if they were lucky they found a cave high off the ground. After or while the tribes were living in the canyon, Spanish explorers came and looked for livable land that they could settle on. The sanish did settle there for a while, but when they spent a vey hot summer, they packed up and headed north. Starting at 1996, nobody lived there for 10-20 years.There were only the few tribes left.Each tribe knew that sooner or later their land would be exposed and they would have to share it. The rangers that work in Grand Canyon National Park want to have the tourisit get to know the area, especially the Colorado River.On the river you could go rafting, kayaking, and more. There is also daily tours that you can take with a park ranger. Visit some historical sites and old tribe homes. The most popular atraction in the park is the Canyon Skywalk. It is 30-35 feet off the ground. You can get a birds eye view of everything. Once a year the park holds a marathon that is 38 miles long. It wines threw the canyon. You stop at check points along the way. The most people they ever had watching it at the park was 2,500 people. Victoria Falls Victoria Falls is half way down the Zambezi River The water from the falls run along along a 2,700 km river until it reaches the sea.That is equal to 1,620 miles. Victoria Falls is twice as wide and deep as niagra falls. The base of the falls is a bubbling pot of hot water.The tempurature of the water can get up to 107 degrees. Just like the Grand Canyon, the falls had native american tribes living close by. The tribes main reason to live there by the falls was the plentifulness of fish and water. The first european settler was named David Livingstone.He arrived at the falls on 1852 and left in 1856. Livingstone often traveled along the Zambezi river to get a better look at the falls and its astonishing beauty. Most of the activities are about 2-3 miles away from the falls. You can do lots of rides from a bird's eye view. Horse back riding, zipline, and Devil's pool are the most popular attractions. Besides all of the thrilling attractions, you can ask a tour guide to take you on a hike around the falls. This is the most popular activity for families. Victoria Falls was also known for apperaring as a destination The Amazing Race. Mt.Everest The scientific name for Mt.Everest is Mt.Chomolungma. It got that name from the first known tribe that lived on the mountain. The mountain has the record as the tallest in Everest is 209,029 feet above water. The mountain itself is 8,848 meters tall. In feet that would be 679,347 feet tall. Along the sides of the mountain, there are streams of water to provide the water recource. Some tribes that lived in the canyon have been living there for over 20 years, generation after generation. At the base of the "wall" there is a small village with a population of 100 villagers. They have small markets, only 1 school, and many fields to grow their crops. At the end of summer for them, they have a huge celebration for the mountain thanking it for the good weather and hoping to have more.The festival starts at dawn and ends at midnight. It is their new year celebration, but to the mountain. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can tell that there has been a lot of successess from poeple who were from different countries. There are 7-10 flags waving in the wind at the top. The activities on the mountains are not really big successess, but they are for the people who participated. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed learning about 3 Natural Wonnders of the World. David Livingstone QUESTIONS?
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