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EMR Presentation Eureka Stockade Artefact

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Joshua Brady

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of EMR Presentation Eureka Stockade Artefact


Eureka Flag; blue and white flag with the Southern Cross upon it. It was flown as protest to miners licenses
Terms cont'd Perspectives and Interpretations Both mining licence are one’s that had to be held by every ‘digger’ on the goldfields in Victoria, thus its significance is rather important as it is a major hindrance to some miners that simply could not afford the hefty fee, being one of the reasons why the governor introduced the fee, to drive miners back to their original jobs.

The Sydney Morning Herald article is a report gather by a reporter or special correspondent, based upon the government officials that he spoke to and any eye witness reports that he found or coerced.

Carboni’s “The Eureka Stockade” narrative is an eye witness account from an Italian miner, mining at the fields during the Eureka stockade. Effected by the fact that his cultured changed the perspective of the Stockade that he had and his involvement in organising the European contingent of the Stockade.
Empathetic Understandings Without the Eureka stockade the only current instance of armed rebellion leading to change, rules concerning rights for miners or any other minority groups may be different in today’s culture. The expectations of payment and carrying of license is much similar to carrying a car license in today’s day and age. However, due to the steep cost of the license in poorer times, it would have been hard for miners to breakeven in the attempts to find gold. Primary Source; the picture of one of Peter Lalor’s miner’s license is, the artefact that has been chosen. The image is of his license that was purchased on the 8th October 1853, a year before the stockade. The license cost 2 pounds and was used to monitor and control those people in the gold fields but also to go towards development and repairs around the goldfields. The license was a three month one which means Lalor would have purchased an additional four before the Eureka Stockade occurred. This license was issued almost 14 months earlier of the stockade, before all of the turmoil and problems had occurred.

Chronology The spark of Australian democracy The Eureka Rebellion Joshua Brady 11472636 Primary/Secondary Source; ‘The Eureka Stockade’ by Raffaello Carboni, the vivid and vigorous recount of the conflict at Eureka in 1854. Primary Source; Sydney Morning Herald article detailing the events that occurred at the Eureka Stockade, that lead to the deaths of up to 30 miners and few police.
Primary Source; Secondary Miners license 18th July 1856
Peter Lalor; an Irish immigrant (1852) that had come over try his luck as a ‘digger’ in the Victorian goldfields. He was the leader of the Eureka rebellion that occurred in December 1854. Lalor beginning his political career in 1855 as their representative in the Legislative Council after the government had granted miners representation in the government.
Gold License; required for miners to mine in the goldfields throughout Victoria and NSW, was issued by the Gold Commission, appointed by the then Governor La Trobe.
Eureka Rebellion/Stockade; a siege that occur on the 3nd December 1854. After an overflow of anger from the miners, they protested about mining license fees and harassment of police among other things. Troops attacked the stockade, killing about 30 miners an as a result, laws were changed for the first time in Australia from armed rebellion
“Later Lalor wrote, perhaps thinking of the wrongs of Ireland, 'the people were dissatisfied with the laws, because they excluded them from the possession of the land, from being represented in the Legislative Council, and imposed on them an odious poll-tax” http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/lalor-peter-3980
Digger; coined from the digger in the trenches of WW2 was used because of the actual manual labour of digging trenches or holes in search of gold.
Robert Carboni; an Italian immigrant that was delegated the job of organising the European contingent of the stockade. Was jailed for months but finally acquitted for his role in the stockade. Explanation and Communication PDHPE-
• create a modified invasion game following the sequence of the stockade
• work on gold mining/ gold panning compared to today’s mining of coal and other minerals
English –
• formulate miner’s licenses
• create newspaper article reporting on the stockade with reference to mining licences
• create literacy spaces, for students to explore different artefacts
• convert 2 pounds to Australian
• speculate the difference of economy

Creative Arts-
• visual timeline
• freeze frame drama
• story circles
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