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No description

Nicole Fyffe

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of belgium

Double click anywhere & add an idea Belgium area:30,528 kilometers or
11,787 sq miles population:10.7 million Cuisine Belgium is known for their waffles and
chocolates. Godiva is a world renowned brand of belgium chocolate. Sports French influence The southern part of Belgium is known as the Wallonia Region. Because France borders Belgium, the region of Wallonia
is mainly French speaking. The main sports are soccer and cycling. In the Tour de France, the cyclists pass through Belgium. Brussels' Flower Carpet Every two years they create a huge carpet in front of
the Town Hall in Brussels. This carpet is entirely made
of begonias. The carpet can only last up to 3 days and 4
nights. This year the carpet will be started on August 12. capital: Brussels Belgium by:Nicole Fyffe
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