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Parent/Teacher Relationships

Explore Imperialism in Africa, India, China and the United States

Wendy Miner

on 18 April 2012

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Transcript of Parent/Teacher Relationships

Parent Teacher Relationships conferences know your students
be preparedcommunicate ahead of time
stay focused on the main issues
set a positive environment
take the initiative
listen, listen, listen
have concrete examples to share
communicate regularly
document parent contacts disarming criticism Listen to the parents' complaints without defending yourself.
Show your empathy and concern by asking for more specific information about the complaint.
If justified, accept your mistake
If the parent is still upset, suggest that he/she talk with the principal. Support Parent Involvement everyone needs to engage in behaviors that welcome and support parent involvement
expect parents to be involved
win the endorsement of parents for programs
know that parents want to help
lots of parent involvement happens at home
invite parents to school
emphasize 2 way communication and use the right tools Involvement
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