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AIESEC DC OGX Team Leader Training

No description


on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC DC OGX Team Leader Training

Agenda Introduction
JDs/Expectation Setting
Introduction to EPM Tracker
Partner Countries and TN Booklet
Info Sessions
Assessment Centers
OGX Retreat Planning Spring 2013 Team Leader Training Name/Year/Major
Where are you from?
Favorite AIESEC memory so far
What personal goals do you hope to achieve as Team Leader in Spring 2013? JDs and Expectation Setting Assign Teams
Vision setting for each team
OGX goals- how will teams help reach these?
SWOT analysis Vision Setting What do you see see as your ideal...
OGX Goals Goals for 2013: Expectations What do you expect out of your team this semester? How can you achieve this? SWOT Analysis Teams!! Alessia Brooke Whitney China Specialist:
Egypt Specialist:
Salaam Specialist:
Vinti Brazil Specialist:
Colombia Specialist:
Sub-Saharan Africa
??? Hungary Specialist:
E. Europe Specialist:
W. Europe Specialist:
??? Raised: 125
Matched: 100
Realized 100
How will we achieve this? LC?
OGX team?
Regional team? What do you expect out of me this semester? What can I do to help improve your experience? What do I expect out of you all this semester? Strengths? Weaknesses? Opportunities? Threats? What do you see as the biggest strengths the OGX team has? What are the biggest weaknesses the OGX team faces? What do you see as the greatest opportunities the OGX team has? What are the greatest threats the OGX team faces? Tracker How to use the EPM 2013 Tracker Introduction Input:
# of applications EPs send
# of interviews
# matches
Using these numbers, we'll create a point system in order to recognize high-performing members Partner Countries and TN Booklet How do we utilize our partner countries? What are our partner countries? Why do we push them? National strategies in supporting partner country matching... LC-LC Partnerships:
How do we make strong partners? TN Booklet!!
- create template
- how do we send it out? PODIO!! USE PODIO FOR GCPs in OGX!! How to create an account
Monitor EPMs on Podio myaiesec.net How do I use myaiesec.net? Team Leader settings
How to find TNs:
supply and demand setting
regular TN search
Assessment Center What is an assessment center? Brainstorm Session:
ideas for...
assessment center structure and situations for EPs OGX RETREAT
PLANNING Sessions to Present:
1. myaiesec.net
2. PODIO training
3. Partner country introductions ...BONDING IDEAS?! INFO SESSIONS 1st Round: February 11-15 Improve upon past info session prezi
How can we make info sessions more interesting?
OGX/Comm Synergy for presentation!
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