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Camryn Cangiolosi & Matt Edgar

Camryn Cangiolosi & Matt Edgar

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Camryn Cangiolosi & Matt Edgar

By: Matt Edgar & Camryn
James Cleveland Owens: James could not leave his struggling family because his family would not have enough money to satisfy their needs. "He felt he could not leave his struggling family and young wife when a paycheck needed to be earned'
Simon Kieth: Simon has a heart problem. He soon had to get a heart transplant, but some people don't believe that he has a heart problem. "When a scout, or coach or players say the word is that Kieth has a heart transplant, listeners are apt to snicker, nod and say yeah right."
Tom Dempsey: Tom had a brain disorder. He had a problem with hitting people."He liked to hit people..." He hit his collage football coach which caused him to get kicked off the Palomar college. Tom also had no toes on his right foot."She was referring to her husband, the former N.F.L kicker born without toes on his right foot..."
Wilma Rudolph: Wilma had a disease called Polio. This disease had made her leg unable to function. She had to wear a metal brace for several years."She developed pneumonia and polio as a child, rendering her disabled for most of her childhood."
Michael Oher: Micheal's dad was murdered when he was in high school. He came from a very poor home."He came from a broken home and his estranged father was murdered while he was in high school".
Bethany Hamilton: Bethany has had a very complicated life. When she was thirteen, she had her left arm bitten off by a tiger shark which caused her to lose 60% of her blood. " At the age of thirteen, on October 31, 2003, Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while surfing off Kauai's North Shore. The attack left Bethany with a severed left arm. After losing 60% of her blood....."
James Cleveland Owens AKA Jesse Owens

"He felt like he could not leave his struggling family and young wife when a paycheck needed to be earned" Page 1, Paragraph 4, Lines 2-3.
"He was a sickly child,often to frail to help his father and brothers in the field" Page 1, Paragraph 2, Lines 2-3.
"Owens worked Three jobs to pay his tuition" Page 1, Paragraph 1, Line 1.
"In the 1970s Owens moved his business from Chicago To Phoenix ,Arizona but as time progressed ,his health deteriorated" Page 3, Paragraph 5, Lines 1-2.
"He died of cancer on March 31,1980 ,after a lenghty stay in a Phoenix hospital". Page 3' Paragraph 5, Lines 2-3
Opinion: James had a hard and rough life
Simon Kieth
Opinion : Simon is judged, but he doesn't mind.
"When a scout, coach or a player says "the word" is that Kieth had a heart transplant." (pg. 1, paragraph 8, lines 1-2)
Sometimes even a glimpse of the thick scar that runs down the center of Kieth's chest isn't enough to convince skeptics that the heart beating inside the chest of one of the best soccer players for only three years.(pg. 1, paragraph 8, lines 3-4)
"Kieth told Miller about the transplant only because he asked. Afterward, Miller said, you're one amazing person.(pg.1, paragraph 9, lines 1)
" I'd go out and want a beer and there would be somebody there saying I shouldn't" (pg.3, paragraph 4, lines 3-4)
"And he reasurred coach Barry Barto by saying, look if I die, I die. But I won't, I promise."(pg.3, paragraph 5, lines 2-3)
Opinion : The sports can be more challenging, than others.
" In an individual sport like tennis, you're usally only concerned about your own performance." (pg.11, paragraph 4, lines 5-6)
" In a team sport like soccer, you're part of a group, striving to be a winning team."(pg. 11, paragraph 4, lines 3)
Opinion: Sports are a form of entertainment.
"Sports are a form of entertainment" Page 14, Paragraph 1, Line 1
"The joy you and your teammates get by working together is the same joy your family, friends, and other spectators get when they watch" Page 14, Paragraph 1, Line 1-2
Simon Kieth
James Cleveland Owens
They both had a type of disease.(Cancer and Heart disease)
They were both strong, no matter what happened in thier life.
They both had broken thier barriers.
They were both famous and great male athletes.
Simon had a heart disease.
People didn't belive that Simon had a heart problem
Simon earned a offensive MVP. (Most valuable player)
Simon got complimented by his interviewer. He said that Simon was one amazing person.
Jesse had a cancer disease.
Jesse went to the olympics.
Jesse won 4 gold medals.
Jesse's first job was a playground supervisor.
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