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Roles of Men, Women, and Children: Woodland Cree

This is part of my social studies project: Aboriginal peoples.

Rida Siddiqui

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Roles of Men, Women, and Children: Woodland Cree

Roles of Men, Women, and Children: Woodland Cree You may wonder, what do the men, women, and the children do in the tribe of the Woodland Cree? Well they all have special roles to play. Even the children do work. What do men do? The role of Men:
The men of the tribe have important duties to attend to. They hunt for the tribe by trapping, snaring, stalking, and tracking the animals. They also make wigwam frames, snowshoe frames, toboggans, tools, weapons, and canoes. Learning about habitats, movements of prey, and forest survival skills was very important for the men. Generally they would fight for the clan for defense and warfare. They take the goods for trading, then trade with other clans. They also pass on their skills and knowledge down to children. These are the rolls of men in the Woodland Cree. The role of Women.
Women have many duties then the men, and work twice as hard as the men. Generally the women gather herbs such as medicine, and raw material. They also hunt, though they hunt for smaller game. They dry meat, fish, and berries for winter. Preparing meals is important, but they must also tend the fires. Gather bulrushes to weave into mats for the tribe. Also, they make twine, rope, thread, raw hide, and sinew for the clan. Making baskets, containers, wigwam covers, canoe covers, and snowshoe webbing was required. Furthermore, they skin animals, clean and tan hides, and stretch furs. They even make clothing, decorate items as well as clothing. They must also clean and mend tools, and set up and take down wigwam covering. During the summer, they planted and harvested (in some groups). Last but not least, they also pass down their knowledge and skill to their children. These are the roles of women in the Woodland Cree. Roles of children:
Although children were active and played games with others, they still had duties to the clan. Between the ages of 7 and 14, they would learn the skills and activities of an adult. Girls learned from women, boys, fathers, uncles, and grandfathers. Until they felt confident they didn't have to try something. Working hard to understand before trying was something children mainly had to do. However children were expected to remain silent. This was probably the first thing they learned; how to listen. These are the roles of the children in the Woodland Cree. There are many duties in the clan and everyone plays their role in the clan, so everyone can cooperate. If someone doesn't play their role in the clan, well let's say you have to deal with the clan mother!
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