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Geography Unit Presentation

No description

Samantha Lim

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Geography Unit Presentation

A Presentation by the JWSS Geography Unit Why Study Geography? Here are the main reasons why... What Students Will Learn Critical Questions in Geography Why do our human environments and physical landscapes appear as they are?
How do these environments and landscapes form and operate?
How, and why do patterns of human and physical features differ from place to place?
Why are there differences and inequality within our human world?
How do the economic, social and political sectors of our world cause inequality? The study of Geography looks at yesterday, observing trends and explaining how things came to be; looks at today and provides solutions to address problems in our physical and human environments; looks into tomorrow, predicting, preempting and preparing for changes in the foreseeable future. Essentially.... A 2-year course comprising physical geography, human geography, geographical skills and fieldwork techniques 2013 Core Geography Syllabus (2235) Syllabus Physical Geography Human Geography Skills & Techniques Map Reading Observe, Describe, Analyze, Interpret data Fieldwork Techniques Plate Tectonics Weather & Climate Rivers & Coasts Food Development Industries Natural Vegetation Tourism Helps keep students in step with current affairs Relevant courses in Polytechnic Knowledge and transferable skills that increases employability Transferable values sought after by employers:
Teamwork (through research and fieldwork)
Problem-solving (through learning of strategies used to cope with issues such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, hunger and poverty)
Communication (presenting and writing)

Personal attributes:
Developing responsibility
Coping with uncertainty
Flexibility, innovation and creativity Transferable Values Polytechnic Courses Communications and Media Management (TP) Media Studies and Management (NYP) Business and Social Enterprise (NP) Early Childhood Education (NP) Business Management (NYP) Psychology (NP) Communication and Information Design (RP) Arts faculty, Junior Colleges Applied Drama and Psychology (SP) Career Prospects As geography trains one to think critically and to write analytically, these valuable assets prepare Geography students well for jobs in ... Government bodies (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade & Industry)
Armed forces (as diplomats)
Statutory boards
Private organizations (planners, research analysts, public relations officers)
Teaching career
Academic career at higher institutes of education (University) Fun times in Geography Mangroves field trip Hands-on Lessons Collaborative Learning
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