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Haley Schramm, Why Do People Dream?

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maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Haley Schramm, Why Do People Dream?

Type Of Dream: Nightmares!
When you dream, it is a special mental experience. They feel so real that it feels like a time when something actually happened. The body acts and reacts when the person is dreaming, but the body stays asleep quietly. Dreams are remembered a lot more accurately after waking up immediately during the night rather than in the morning. When using an electroencephalograph, during REM sleep periods, it has been established that everyone normally dreams at night.
June 4, 2015
Dreams are sequences of images that are experienced by the mind during sleep. Scientists think that dreams are just natural occuring processes in the brain. But, like all mental processes, dreaming is the product of activity that is in the brain. Whether the dreamer is asleep or awake, the brain produces many electrical waves. With an instrument called an electroencephalograph, scientists measure these waves.
The word 'nightmare' originally comes from the Old English word, 'mare'. A mare is an evil female spirit or goblin. When someone had a bad dream, according to European folklore, it is believed that a mare would sit on the person's chest while they slept, causing them to have the terrifying dream.
When a person has a nightmare, they can often report the details of their dream. They happen in times of tension, and may happen after a shocking or hurtful experience.
Can People Remember Nightmares? What Causes Them?
Secret Message!
A dream catcher
is believed to catch
bad dreams.
A frightening dream or a dreamlike experience.

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