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Water Conservation as a Tool for Peace in Times of Crisis –

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on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Water Conservation as a Tool for Peace in Times of Crisis –

Water in Danger!
Salar Shawabkeh
Madaba, Jordan
Water Management as a Tool for Peace in Times of Crisis – the EcoPeace approach
Yoav Bar-ness
Salar Shawabkeh
Karam Butmah

Four Principles of Transboundary Water
II. The right to water and sanitation are basic human rights and not a consumer product.
IV. Water disputes must be resolved peacefully through mediation among the involved parties.

We will change it!
Yoav Bar-ness
Tel Aviv, Israel

(eastern Mediterranean International School)
youth programme graduate
Karam Butmah
Battir Village, Palestine
Water as a Source of Conflict Cooperation
I. Water is a natural, mobile resource: water flows over and beneath political borders.
Scarce Resources
Existential Competition
Environmental Deterioration
Climate Change
Inequitable Division
Rising Pollution
Define Your Needs
Think of Creative Solutions and Choose the Win/Win that Will Benefit All
III. It is vital to ensure the continued existence of water resources and protect the ecological system.
Water Trustees
Lesson of Cooperation
Good Water Neighbors Achievements
-Preserving the environment

-Assist in the development of the economy

-Reduce the damages caused
by pollution

-Provide jobs
Good Water Neighbors
Three Steps for Environmental Peacebuilding
Established in 2001
Raise awareness of the shared water problems of Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis
Utilizing mutual dependence on shared water resources with cross border communities
Advance water and sanitation projects on the ground
Develop dialogue and cooperation
Gain broader perspective about water in the region
Opportunities to be active in shaping environments
Ecological Garden
Find the Joint Interest: the Jordan River
Photo: January 2016
Youth involvement (us!)
Advancing infrastructure for sewage systems
Streams rehabilitation
Environmental protection
Eco tourism development
Water Trustee
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