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Theory of Moral Reasoning

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on 30 October 2018

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Transcript of Theory of Moral Reasoning

Theories of Moral Reasoning & Ego Development
Natural Therapy
"Adaptation" vs. "Adjustment"
Lawrence Kohlberg
Jane Loevinger
KOHLBERG: Punishment-Obedience
LOEVINGER: Impulsive
KOHLBERG: Instrumental Relativist/Individualism
LOEVINGER: Self-Protective
KOHLBERG: Interpersonal Concordance/Good Boy-Nice Girl
LOEVINGER: Conformist
KOHLBERG: Social Order Maintaining
LOEVINGER: Self-Aware/Conscientious Conformist
KOHLBERG: Social Contract & Individual Rights Orientation
LOEVINGER: Conscientious
KOHLBERG: Universal Ethical Principle
LOEVINGER: Integrated
“Because I dislike neologisms, I have taken as the name for each stage a term from common speech, the name of some broad human function or characteristic. No function arises all at one in one stage and perishes in the passage to the next. Impulsiveness, self-protection, conformity and so on are terms that apply more or less to everyone…Though the stage names suggest characteristics that are usually at a maximum at that stage…(Ch. 2, p. 15).”
Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Reasoning
Loevinger's Stages of Ego Development
Lawrence Kohlberg & Jane Loevinger
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