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Douglas MacAuthur

No description

Ryan Lee

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Douglas MacAuthur

Early Life

Born already as a soldier
Joining the Military
In 1893 he moved to San Antonio, Texas.
During that time Douglas joined the west Texas military academy. Where he started to show academic promises.
And after high school Douglas joined the military academy in west point where he excelled in it and graduated with honor.
After WWI
After his return from Europe Douglas became a superintendent for West Point.
During that time he became a brigadier-general.
He also married his first wife Louise Cromwell Brooks .
For the rest of the 1920's he held various military posts and also headed the american olympic committee.
He then divorced his wife.
Becoming General
Douglas was promoted as general during the 1930's and was also selected as army chief of staff.
For the next couple of years Douglas goal was to keep the military together because just like everyone else the military also suffered because of the great depression.
During WWII Douglas MacAuthur led many succecful offensives against the Japanese.
He also was in charge of the newly created United Nations, and push back the norther Koreans.
He also suggested to attack China, but was declined.
Douglas MacAuthur
By Ryan Lee
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Work Cited
Douglas MacAuthur was born on January 26, 1880 in Little Rock Arkansas.
He was born inside a barracks in Arkansas.
He spent most of his childhood in the western frontiers.
And he also says about that experience, "It was here I learned to ride and shoot even before I could read or write–indeed, almost before I could walk or talk.”
Douglas a family with a strong military history.
Douglas father, Authur was already a captain by the time of his birth but, was decorated for his service in the civil war.
Also the base he was born in was the first of many military bases where he would stay in as a child
Douglas was promoted to major and assigned to the intelligence and administrative units.
But right after America declared war on. Germany Douglas was promoted to Colonel and put in charge of the "Rainbow Division" that was comprised with soldiers from a bunch of other states.
In 1918 he participated in the St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and Sedan offensives.
Famous For
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