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SAP Cloud for Customer 1305

Life of a SalesRep Functional overview SAP Cloud for Sales

Bert Oliver Schulze

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of SAP Cloud for Customer 1305

(cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr
(cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr
Groupware connectivity
Do things differently (better)
All my daily tasks at a fingertip
Uncertainty and changing market structures require low experimental costs
Joint Ventures, Mergers, Demergers & Acquisitions to consolidate in new and emerging markets require velocity at speed of light
Support the 21st century sales approach - collaborative and well connected

Designed the way I work

Stop work for data - start work with your data

Native social

Integrated with the rest of my customer data in my company
the starting point
Collaborate in context
with all stakeholders
on any device
Follow any Business
Objects like an account or opportunity in
Customer OnDemand
and stay tuned
work the way you´re used to work
your analyse is only a mouseclick away
Preconfigured reports or ad hoc analytic
Create own reports via guided procedure and enable for mobile
The Excel Plug In is perfect for managers - one click on refresh and the latest data is in my report
Customer OnDemand
Outlook Panel -
Stay tuned with
your updates while
working in your
Identified by email: related contact information from Customer OnDemand
Plan and schedule
in your daily groupware
Synchronize and share
in Customer OnDemand
trigger feeds
SAP Cloud for Customer
my Opportunites
Mobile extensions
have been yesterday -
Mobility is fully
functional and kickstart
productivity today
- even in the office !

Access all data/reports
on a mobile device
native social; turn the information pyramide upside down (Collaborate
with people is context is key - follow Business objects is superior)
SAp Cloud for Customer helps
me get the most out of
my business day
Business dynamics
my productivity
social and mobile
private cloud experience
have digitized our relationships and created feedback loops
Business managers are involved in and driving IT decisions more than ever before
Expectation: deliver relevant productivity improvements and business insights
Consumerization of IT
Tech decision making
Cloud is sailing with the wind
of three macro trends
Why should I as a Sales Rep care about Integration?

Single source of truth, Accurate data - I can rely on what I see, better customer meetings, better service for my customer, faster salescycles, higher closing rate

...and I am not only a salesperson.
I am also a business traveller, an employee, a manager, a news reader, ...
Follow people
in Enterprise
context - easy
Collaborate in context
SAP JAM groups
in Customer OnDemand
marketing and service is no "one way" any more
... listen to the web and act
3rd party cloud
A landing page
you ever dreamed of
... insightful
... actionable
Sales Rep
Sales Ops
IT Support
Adopt and
Enhance and
e.g. my LandingPage
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