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3D Printer

No description

Christina KN.

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of 3D Printer

3D Printing
the new innovation?
Will it be a common good like
a normal printer?

Project: Phase 2

presented by
Christina Knoll
Lauren Enterkin
Sergey Pisarevskiy
Jae Ha Hwang
Yimming Peng

1. Goal
2. 3D printer
3. Background
4. Analysis
5. Recommendations
6. Future & Conclusion

for your attention!
Thank you
Created in 1984

Chuck Hull
3D System Corp.
Computer design
Virtual blueprints
Layers of materials
Final shape

Consumers would either be happy or disappointed with their purchase, if they are satisfied they will recommend it to others and create more consumer interest
It is a unique and new product that consumers can experiment with as much as they want, making our product a long lasting household tool if designed to be durable

Purchasing Process

People would find out the potential ability of 3D printer
(Eco-friendly production, Biological method such as plastic prosthetic hand)

People would find out the potential ability of 3D printer
(Eco-friendly production, Biological method such as plastic prosthetic hand)


Simplify instruction, minimize size, standardize products,

Standardize the price as much as $500 to be more familiar product to people

(According to Amazon.com, there is too wide price range between $300 to $2,200)

Using BTL(below the line) Marketing

- Already performing the internet and emotion marketing such as prosthetic hand for unfortunate children

ATL(above the line) to inform to be familiar with people

Need more shops to sell 3D printer

( There is not enough to sell 3D printer except online)
Target older age groups ranging from early 20s to early 40s-young and innovative as well as older and wealthy consumers
Gender for this market is not a strong variable or determinant because it is not a gender biased product
Worldwide product but our target market would start in the us, primarily New England
Innovative entrepreneurs

Creative personality types- driven by the excitement of new creations

Personal, social and cultural influence
Intrigued by endless opportunities

Seeking financial fortune, possibly to help support a family, by designing a new product

A way of interacting with others by showing people the objects you designed, which helps build consumer interest
Situational influence
Our strongest situational influence would be to target employees in industries that are seeking new ideas, it would encourage workers to use 3D printers influencing their desire to purchase
Situational influence
Purchase Process
Catch the attention of consumers through exciting marketing tactics displaying the possibilities of 3D printers mainly using television
Consumers with innovative ideas need a way of executing their ideas in to physical objects
3D printers would create interest amongst these people but would need to be affordable and reliable to convince consumers to follow through with the purchase
Post-Purchase Experience
Future of the 3D printer
inform you.
primary research
secondary research
current knowledge

of people
especially among students.

3D printing is completely new?
have heard of it before?

knowledge about future possibilities?

they imagine themselves having a 3D printer at home?

imagine it to be a normal good?

suitable price for a 3D printer?
Primary research
Secondary Research
show the current status of 3D printing

how and where 3D printers are already used?

which future innovations?
3D printer
is a machine you can use to print mostly anything
first use:
prototype for engineers (80s)

todays use:
NASA, airplanes, prototype, architecture,
small businesses, medecin
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