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Roland Barthes Theory

No description

Claudia Messenger

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Roland Barthes Theory

Codes theory
Roland Barthes said that one text can have many different meanings, they have a "plural meaning". This is because people interpret things differently based on their personal life experiences.
The proairetic code
This is the part that the film will contain strong moments of tension.
As the years develop so does the interpretation of the text.
People view things differently based on their mood at the time, their own experiences. Barthes states that there is no correct way to interpret a text.

The codes theory is broken into five different codes:
The semantic code
The semantic code provides meaning to every small epice of media language that can be used in a film
The symbolic code
Symbolic code is one theme or concept that is continued throughout the whole text
The cultural code
The text is set so that it can be inerpreted based on the selected audiences culture and the type of experiences they have liekly been through.
Barthes theory can be broken down into five different codes. These are:
The hermeneutic code
The proairetic code
The semantic code
The symbolic code
The cultural code
Roland Barthes Theory
This is the thought that the texts that have applied this code will have an element of mystery applied.
The hermeneutic code
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