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6.08 Assessment

No description

Sam Mancini

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of 6.08 Assessment

6.08 Assessment by Sam Mancini
Spanish American wars

The Spanish American wars were several wars that was taken in the early 19th century. The wars took place in Spanish America. The first outbreak started back in 1809, These wars happened because the Spanish Americans wanted their independence. This event is significant because it shows how Spanish Americans fought for their independence. This even connects to many others such as "recent movements" becasue these series of wars were movements.
Zollverein was a collection of German states who controlled tariffs in their territories. This event happened in the middle part of Europe. Zollverein started in 1834, lasting until 1919. This was a system to help manage economic policies and tariffs. This event is significant to history because this system changed the way Europe is today. Zollerverein would probably be closest to "Recent Movements" because this was an attempt to make better policies and tariffs in the German states.
Writings of Karl Marx

Karl Marx wrote many books and expressed his opinions about communism. Marx lived in Prussia and London most of his life. Karl Marx wrote books during his whole lifetime in the mid 1800's. Karl wrote books to express his opinions and thoughts with people. He is significant to history because of his books and how influential he was to people. Karl Marx would connected to "recent movements" because he influenced many people.
Education Reform
Education reform is to change the public education. The idea of education reform started back in England. There were many different types of education reform but one of the earliest took place during the 19th century and started near the 1860's. There was a certain type of way students had to be taught, Joseph Lancaster developed a way of teaching for students. There were many other ways of learning and teaching and many people reformed education by doing this. This event is significant to history because it shows how education was brought about back then. This event would connect with "Imperialism" because imperialism was a system just like education is today. The picture below is Joseph Lancaster who helped make grammar big in schools.
The Boer War
The Boer War was a big war fought between the United Kingdom and African Republic. This war took place in South Africa and Swailzand. This even took place between 1899 and 1902. The main cause of the war was which nation would be able to have full control of the Witwatersrand gold mine. This event is important in history because this helped lead South Africa to where it is now. This connects to "Latin American Indepedence" because South Africa fought for something they wanted just like people fighting for independence.
06.08 19th Century Changes: Module Project

Create an Illustrated Timeline

You explored many events in this module such as movements of independence and reform. The lessons included revolutions, new ways of thinking, and examples of imperialism. Use this knowledge to create an illustrated timeline that highlights five of these events.


Choose one event from each topic below. To make your choices, think about which event you think is most important in each group.
Topic Event Choices—choose one from each row.
Latin American Independence

Haitian Revolution
Spanish American Wars of Independence
Dominican Republic Independence
Cuban Independence

New Philosophies

Industrialization in Britain
Writing of Adam Smith
Writing of Karl Marx
Writing of Thomas Malthus
Writing of John Stuart Mill
Writing and “New Harmony” of Robert Owens


“Monroe Doctrine”
Sepoy Mutiny
Korean colonization
Boer War
Crimean War
Opium Wars
Boxer Rebellion

Italian and German Unification

Founding of “Young Italy”
Il Risorgimento newspaper
Giuseppe Garibaldi appointed general
Seven Weeks’ War
Franco-Prussian War

Recent Movements

Independence movement of one of the following—Algeria, Belize, Kenya, Libya
Meiji Restoration
Negritude Movement
Progressive Movement
Social reform of one of the following—Abolition, Education, Health, Unions, Temperance, Woman Suffrage

Write a summary paragraph for each of the five chosen events. Each paragraph should answer the questions:
What happened?
How is the event significant to history?
How does it connect to other events on the timeline?
Select a representative image for each event. Include the images in your timeline.
Be sure to cite your sources of information and give credit to the source of each image used.

You may organize your illustrated timeline in a variety of ways. There are many 21st century tools available for creating and submitting work in the online environment. For more information about tools your school recommends, please visit the resource tools area in your course or contact your instructor.
New Philosophies
Latin America Independence
Italian and German Unification
Recent Movements
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