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The roles of the Algonquin men, women, and children

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Nethra Yogen

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of The roles of the Algonquin men, women, and children

The roles of the Algonquin men, women, and children. The Algonquin men, women and children had specific roles. Some roles they shared, and some, they did themselves. The adults shared the social roles but had different economic roles. In times of emergency, the men and women would do each other's work. The economic roles of the Algonquin women The women of the family had to work really hard and did many jobs. They had to gather various wild plants, collect medicinal herbs, and different sources of food. The men weren't the only ones that hunted. The women would also hunt small animals like fish. Along with that, they had to dry the fish, meat and berries for the winter. Preparing meals and and tending the fire was another role. They also gathered bulrushes to make into mats. The women would make a variety of things like baskets, containers, wigwam covers, canoe covers, and snowshoe webbing. Cleaning was a big part of the women's role. They cleaned homes, tools and more. They skinned animals, stretched furs, made clothing, and decorated items. The economic roles of the Algonquin men The men of the family mainly hunted, made things, and traded. They would hunt all kinds of game, big and small. Different methods were used like trapping, snaring, stalking, and tracking animals. They made frames such as wigwam frames and snowshoe frames. The men also made other things like toboggans, tools, weapons, and canoes. They learned various things about habitats, hunting and and forest survival skills. Weapons were used for defense and war. Different types of fur were traded for food like wild rice and corn. The roles of the Algonquin children The children of the family would mainly be taught discipline and helped out wherever they could. They leaned daily skills from the mother, grandmothers, and the aunts. The children would watch the older people do work and would try to help out. The girls would learn from the women while the boys would learn from the men. The children learned several things. From the ages 7-14, they would be taught the skills and activities of adults. the children's main responsibility was to listen and learn everything that was taught to them. The social roles of the Algonquin men and women. The men and women also had social roles which they shared. They taught many things to the children and cared for them too. They also took care of the elderly. They tried to live in harmony with the nature. The men and women passed on beliefs and values and made spirituality a part of everything. Everyone in the family had to work really hard in order to maintain a successful lifestyle. These are the roles of the Algonquin men, women, and children. Thank you for watching!!!
By: Nethra
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