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why are frizbees shaped the way the are?

ayaz khan

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of frizbeeies

Shape Of a Frisbee Problem Why are frizbeeies shaped the way they are? Hypothesis Frisbees are toys which fly. I think it is shaped as a disk because the shape gives it the ability to cut through air, go fast and far. The Terms Angular monentum a body thats rotating trying to resist to change its orientation and the rate of rotation Angle of attack the angle formed by the tilt of a
frisbee and the line parallel to
the ground Bernoullie's princple the preassure in a fluid decreases as the speed of the fluid increases Lift the upward force caused by the
low air preasure on top of the frisbee Newton's 3rd law every ation has an equal and opposite reaction Discussion Frisbee flying is based on two main factors gravity
and air. As soon as the frisbee is in the air lift acts on it by creating a low air preassure on the top and angular momentum acts on it by increasing its stablity as it rotates. The disk shape gives it the ability to generate lift as it passes through air which also helps maintain a positive angle of attack. The air preassure on top of a frisbee is lower than underneath it. The preassure difference causes the lift. Another principle that supports lift is Newton's 3rd law. The frisbee pushes the air down and the air pushes the frisbee up. Angular momentum helps the frisbee stay stable. If you throw a frisbee wiht a spin it would stay stable where as if you throw it without a spin it would tumble to the ground. Conclusion A frisbee is shaped like a disk so that it is lifted by the air.
Angular monentum works on it becasue of its shape other wise it would not be lifted by air and it would tumble to the ground everytime you throw it. Bibliography 1. Title: the Frisbee
Date: 4,4,2012
http://wings.avkids.com/Book/Sports/instructor/frisbee-01.html 2. Title: Frisbee physics
Date: 10,52012
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