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National Parks Development Committee

No description

N Cimatu

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of National Parks Development Committee

NPDC is a useful government body, but it is under-functioning and many of the developments compromise the authenticity of the parks.
NPDC should be supported by UNESCO or similar heritage-handling organizations, since parks are crucial in urban areas
Assessment and Recommendations
• Performance of general maintenance work, preservation and beautification of assigned parks.

• Rehabilitation and development of assigned parks.

• Promotion of recreational, socio-cultural and educational programs and activities.

• Marketing and promotion of parks.

• Augmentation of the present security force of the agency.

Programs and Projects
Organizational Structure
The National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 30 dated January 14, 1963 for the development of the Quezon Memorial Park, Fort Santiago, Luneta
Park and other national parks. In view of the tripartite agreement between the Quezon City Government, the National Historical Institute and the NPDC, the management of the Quezon Memorial
Park is now with the Quezon City Government while the maintenance of Fort Santiago is now with the
Intramuros Administration.

With the issuance of the Executive Order No. 120 on January 20, 1987, the Committee was attached to the Department of Tourism (DOT). It is responsible for the beautification, preservation, and maintenance of Rizal Park, Paco Park, Pook ni Mariang Makiling, and other satellite projects.
At present, the NPDC is tasked to develop, administer, and manage the Rizal Park in Ermita, Manila, the Paco Park in Paco, Manila and the Pook ni Maria Makiling Forest Park in Los Banos, Laguna.
Rizal Park 53.00 hectares
Paco Park 01.00 hectare
Pook ni Maria Makiling Park 06.30 hectares

Roles and Functions
National Parks Development Committee

Thanks for listening!

• Upgrade and maintain assigned parks including its facilities, park grounds and lan
dscape themes, building and structures.

• Develop and implement cultural and educational support programs and services particularly those in support of national and cultural heritage.

• Improve financial viability in support of NPDC’s mission.

• Ensure safety, orderliness and cleanliness in assigned parks.

• Undertake development of new parks.

• Establish inter-agency linkages in support of agency programs.

To be the lead agency that will provide fully-developed and well-maintained parks for the Filipinos’ wholesome recreation and socio-cultural education which will contribute towards the enrichment of national identity and heritage through partnership with the community and NGOs.
• Provide the general public with access to and enjoyment of
an open park through well-managed-and-maintained facilities and structures, well-developed environment through landscape design and plant ornaments, while assuring their safety and security, and orderliness in the entire park.

• Showcase national heritage through programs aimed to promote Filipino arts, culture and tradition, and exchanges with other nations, conceptualize events and activities of socio-cultural-economic-physiological impact such as sports competitions and exhibitions, and develop national consciousness.

• Develop new parks.
• Develop conducive business climate consonant to preservation of historical significance, support livelihood and income generating endeavors through partnership with the community and NGOs.

• Ensure viability of NPDC’s financial position in support of its goals and objectives.

• Establish inter-agency linkages to achieve the agency’s thrusts and programs.

Legal Basis
E.O. 30: JANUARY 14, 1963
Creating an Executive Committee for the development of the
Quezon Memorial Circle, Luneta, and other National Parks

E.O. NO. 69: FEBRUARY 07, 1964
Designating the Committee as the
“National Parks Development Committee”

EO. NO. 120-A: JANUARY 30, 1987
National Parks Development Committee was attached to the Ministry of Tourism (Department of Tourism)

Ruling that National Parks Development
Committee is a regular government agency.

EO. NO. 160: OCTOBER 13, 1999
Reorganization and designating the members of the National Parks Development Committee.

R.A. 9353: TOURISM ACT OF 2009
National Parks Development Committee remained as an attached agency to the Department of Tourism.

Musical Dancing Fountain
Location: Central Lagoon / Central Section
Daily Schedule: Monday to Sunday 6:00AM – 8:00AM
Monday to Thursday 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Friday to Sunday 6:00 pm – 12:00MN
The Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal: A Light and Sound Presentation
Location: Light and Sound Complex / Central Section
Schedule: Wednesday-Sunday (w/ entrance fee)
Guided Day Tour 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Presentation 7:00PM – 7:30PM
(Tagalog Version)
8:00PM – 8:30 PM
(English Version)
Ballet at the Park

Location: Open-Air Auditorium / Central Section
Schedule: Seasonal (Saturday – 6:00PM)
Visual Arts Presentation

Location: Kanlungan ng Sining / Central Section
Schedule: Seasonal
Silent Drill Exhibition
Location: Back of the Rizal Monument / Central Section
Schedule: Every first Sunday of the month (4:00PM)
The Philippine Marine Corps Silent Drill Exhibition is a precision drill exhibition
without verbal command. It is an amazing display of skill and coordination, which is quite common in the Marine Corps, especially in the Marine Security and Escort Group (MSEG), where all the members of the Silent Drill team come from. The MSEG is the unit in the AFP which is tasked to guard the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Numerous fun run activities of
private agencies, government institutions, and non-profit organizations are being held at the park particularly at the parade ground and Kilometer Zero street.

Jogging / Tai-chi / Yoga
Joggers and people doing physical exercises can be seen around the park especially every morning.

Photoshoot and Videoshoot
The attractive landscape of the park and the architectural design of its
facilities have made it one of the favorite spots for pre-nuptial shoots, solo, and group pictorials. Also, several television shows, films, commercials, and music videos have been taped in the park.

Reference: nationalparks.ph
Board of Directors
Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr.
Vice Chairman:
Elizabeth H. Espino
DOT Secretary
NPDC Executive Director
Mark T. Lapid
TIEZA Chief Operating Officer
Marco Antonio Luisito V. Sardillo III
IA Administrator
Domingo Ramon C. Enerio III
TPB Chief Operating Officer
Alfredo G. Tolentino
DPWH Undersecretary
Joseph Marcelo Ejercito Estrada
Manila City Mayor
Key Officials
Estelita M. Laraya
Engr. Eduardo C. Villalon, Jr.
Rosalina P. Tenepere
Federico A. Edos
Chief, Administrative Division
Chief, Planning and Management Division
Chief, Operations Division
Chief, Cultural and Public Affairs Division
Personnel Complement
Office of the Executive Director 006 0.02
Planning and Management Division 007 0.02
Finance Division 012 0.04
Administrative Division 049 0.17
Cultural and Public Affairs Division 016 0.05
Operations Division 202 0.69
TOTAL 292 1.0
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