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Vera's Motivation Letter

This is my motivation letter / presentation for AEGEE-Helsinki & AEGEE Tartu FinEst Way To Push Your Limits Summer University.

Vera Molnár

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Vera's Motivation Letter

nimeni on
Puhun vain vähän suomea…
So let’s turn to English.
This is me.
21 years old
at the Corvinus University
Basic INFO:
living in Budapest
International Business
#open #out-going #social #curious #bold #fun-loving #talkative #adventurous
Some less Formal facts:
I'm the slowest eater on the planet.
I'm a beer lover.
My motto:
What would you do,
if you weren't afraid?
Thematic events
Finnish language
"You understand Finnish, right?"
Cure for my Post-Erasmus depression
FinEst Way To Push Your Limits
Q1: What have you wanted to do but have never gotten around to do and why?
Q2: What is the craziest thing you promise to do during the Summer University?
Q3: What do the words “Terviseks” and “Kippis” mean?
According to my Swedish and Estonian friends: It's gonna be legen... wait for it... dary! You should definetely try it!
most heard stereotype when people discover that I'm a Hungarian
After this trip I want to respond in Finnish: of course!
(according to my friends)
I'm a huge animal fan.
I speak a lot. Really. A lot.
I like vacuuming.
I think it's relaxing.
We have a word in Hungarian "kipa" which stays for the Jewish kippah. It sounds like some weird plural of the "kipa". I imagine a "kippah ocean".

I think this is the Finnish version of shashlik made from reindeer and moss. Mostly the hunters eat it roasted on their campfire.
A trip to North Europe... Nooo, that's too cheap...
For example, I've always wanted to try out parachuting. Or make a bicycle tour around Hungary's biggest lake. Or travel to Africa. It's an
almost endless list of various things
I want to try... Even if my to-do-wishes are very different, I honestly believe that they all have one thing in common: they are unrealized because I'm only 21 and
I haven't lived enough to have time for them
As a general rule I can promise that I will be ready to get out of my comfort zone and take the challenge. I will try to make as much memories as possible. But what the craziest one will be... Onwards we can never know. Maybe a wakeboard trick or a surprise in the sauna...
The best stories come spontaneously from unplannable situations.

I like the idea of travel SUs. I'm up for three Nordic capitals in two short weeks! It makes the program very exciting ranging from extreme parks to lakeside cottages. That can't get boring!
I wanted to choose a SU which guides me through unique locations where I'm not sure I would travel by myself. Like Nurmijärvi and Pärnu.
All of my friends want to go to Spain or Italy... Meh, way too conventinal and hot for me. Baltic Sea, here I come!
And I also want to party under the midnight sun!
Bonus: I really like ice hockey - so better cheering!
What can I say? Everyone misses traveling, new friends and the excitement after the exchange.
The exact things that this summer university can Offer!
I'm up for pushing my limits during inspirational speeches and workshops (too) with the other 25 participiants!
I hope to see you in Estionia/ Finland!
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