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No description

Kristen Bisig

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Poltergeists

POltergeists History Theories Rspk differences stages get rid of it! fix it!! Examples There are five stages of poltergeists. Each stage grows more and more dangerous. 1. Agent gives off negative energy that the spirit feeds on. Mostly females are attached to, or others uffering mental illness or extreme stress
2.electromagnetic/ static electricity
3. Psychokinesis Poltergeists can be traced back
to ancient Rome and medieval times.
The name comes form the
german word, translated
it means noisy spirit who knocks Ghosts!
people who have died and not able to move on, can't travel

connected to people and feed on their energy, more violent
Apparitions not common and come in animal form
their movements are unatural,
things can pass right through William Roll original parapsychologist born in 1926 in Germany
majored in psychology and philosophy
wrote over 1oo papers and four books Ghosts
1. religious ceremony
2.communicate, and find out what it wants
Tina Resch-killed her sister
under the influence if a poltergeist The Seaford case was
among the first modern poltergiest reportings.
POltergeist uses an agents mind to manipulate things.

Henry Holt discovered this concept.
Two stages are micro-Pk and Macro-pk Poltergeists 1.Comes and goes abruptly
2.SEe a therapist
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