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T.J. Hendrickson,Barcon

No description

Hull Elementary

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of T.J. Hendrickson,Barcon

school work
School math work is needed in because we will use math for the rest of our lives to count money and even if you want to be an architect to build stuff most of it is seen on blue prints.
Math is really important when it comes to money because you have to give a employe exact money or that would be shop lifting kind of. And time is money that's why your parents work so they spend there time working and time is math too.
T.J. Hendrickson , Barcon
Math is ne
Math is needed in alot of things
like architecture money ,lots
of things
Math homework

i dont see the need for home work i mean students work at school hard enough home is a break from school but apparently NOT!!!!!

Some kids who hate math they say something that math stands for Mental,Abuse,To,Humans
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