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French II Scrapbook Project

No description

Madame Armijo

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of French II Scrapbook Project

DUE MARCH 3, 2014
You will create an imaginary 'scrapbook'/slideshow of a visit to a Francophone (French speaking place)
You will need 5 souces and a SOURCE PAGE
*3 sources need to be from books or the library online service (we will go on Monday)
*2 sources can be from the internet but NEED to be on your source page
*ALL pictures need to have a source reference
Your Trip (5 days)
*You need to explain how you got to your location-plane, train, or automobile
*You will visit at least 5 landmarks i.e. La Tour Eiffel, Le Louvre etc...
*You need to include pictures of each landmark you visited. The pics can be of you or from the internet/stock photos
*Aside from landmarks you need to visit 10 other places in your location. These places HAVE to be REAL! Restaurants, cafes, museums, boarwalks, etc...
This is a scrapbook so you NEED pictures!!
All pictures need to have a caption en francais of what you were doing in the picture. Any projects in any other language will be given a grade of a ZERO. The captions should be written in the Passé composé, use your flashcards if you need or ask me for help if you get stuck!!!
French II Scrapbook Project
You need to let Mme Armijo see you sentences by TUESDAY le 25 fevrier to check your grammar
Don't Forget this is DUE
March 3, the Monday
after ICAT!!!
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