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Christina Sarrouh

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter By: Christina Sarrouh The 3 steps to success Step 2: Telling yourself you will do it Step 3: finding yourself Step 1: Telling yourself you will do it. The "10 things I know to be true" list Spoken Word Poetry If I should have a daughter... Spoken word poetry is a way to express yourself. Express an emotion, a feeling, a journey, an event. Something meaningful that you want to send out a message with. It is more than just writing something on a piece of paper, but telling a story that can the lives of others. Sarah Kay is a poet, who's passions were theater and poetry. After starting at the age of 14, she's made many poems and has had a massive amount of success. The second step is telling yourself that you will continue and persevere what you want to do. Sarah Kay persevered by continuing to write poems, and performing them at an open bar in Manhattan. Even though she was the only 14 year old there, she loved doing it and receiving support from everyone around her. Sarah Kay started out writing indiging poems. She had not realized until later that while writing, you should be yourself. You should express your personality and your stories for others to hear. Even though her poems got weirder and weirder, she felt as if she was being herself while writing, performing and doing what she loved. This is very important for any kind of artist. You should always to be able to express yourself however you want. Sarah Kay is an American poet from New York. Her very aspiring works have given her a huge amount of success, from her debut performing on HBO's Def Poetry in 2007, to speaking at a TED convention in 2011. During this convention, she talks about her journey in life. She expresses what poetry means to her, and how you can inspire people with it. She talks about what life has in store for us, and how even though not everything can be fixed with a bandaid, you just have to keep your rainboots on when the rain in washing you away. Sarah Kay This list is something Sarah Kay and her classmate Phil Kay created. The purpose of it is to write down 10 things you know are true and compare it to what others know.
After writing this list, you will notice 4 intersecting points:
1. Someone has the same thing as you
2. Someone has the opposite of you
3. Someone has something you didn't know existed
4. Someone has something that you though you knew everything about but gives you a whole new perspective on it. The first step to achieving something is telling yourself you can do it. Kay started by deciding to start practicing spoken word poetry at the age of 14, her first performance her freshman year in high school, about women injustice. After having been told she had inspired one of the students, she knew that was what she wanted to pursue.
she started going to a bar and watching others perform, as well as performing herself as well. "My parents named me Sarah, which is a biblical name. In the original story God told Sarah she could do something impossible and she laughed, because the first Sarah, she didn't know what to do with impossible.

And me? Well, neither do I, but I see the impossible every day. Impossible is trying to connect in this world, trying to hold onto others while things are blowing up around you, knowing that while you're speaking, they aren't just waiting for their turn to talk -- they hear you. They feel exactly what you feel at the same time that you feel it. It's what I strive for every time I open my mouth -- that impossible connection."
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