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Taliban News Today

No description

Samaya Magloire

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Taliban News Today

Taliban News Today
By: Joanna Najera, Samaya Magloire and Louise Mardilus
The Taliban.
The Taliban are a group of muslim militants living today mostly near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Where are the Taliban Located ?
The Talibans aims is to to establish a Islamic empire and gain full power of Afghanistan. To achieve their goal, the Taliban are trying to take over the Pakistan goverment. By doing so, the Taliban kill, torture and kidnap anyone who stands in their way. On September 22, 2015, the Taliban killed 6 Pakistani nationals because of recent clashes with the Taliban. This took place near the Pakistan and Afghanistan borders officals later figured out about the killing due to a recent video the Taliban released of the executions of the Pakistani they kidnapped and murdered.

The Mistreatment and restrictions of Women.
Before the recent passing of the Taliban Leader, Mullah Omar, he was the operator of the military in Southern Afghanistan provinces such as Hemland, Zabul and Kandahar which are the areas that make up the majority of the militant operations in Afghanistan. There are also Taliban militants located in much of Northern Afghanistan as well, located in Kunduz, Kunar and Kipsa Provinces. As seen in the photo below, the Taliban are majorly populated in the Western areas in Afghanistan (Highlighted in red).

A recent hostage who was captured by the Taliban has escaped this year. David Rhode is a journalist who was held as a hostage along with other 2 Afghans by the Taliban. David flew out of the country to go and interview the Taliban commander but to his surprise, the commander and a few Taliban abducted him and his 2 colleagues and was brought to Pakistan. Rhode was held a hostage for 7 months with the Taliban trying to ransom the U.S government for $25 millon and also wanted 15 prisoners released which did not work out because David got a chance to escape from them.
The mistreatment of women has always been related with the Taliban. They abuse women due to rules they have constructed. For example:
- Whipping, beating and verbal abuse if not dressed accordingly to Taliban rules.
- Ban women that are getting treated by male doctors.
- Women can't have their nails painted or they will get their finger cut off.
- Women can't go out and do anything unless their father, brother or husband is with them.
- Ban women on showing their ankles.
- Can't laugh out loud.
Around 3pm on August 20, 2015, A Afghani woman loses her baby after being brutally beaten by the Taliban. The single mother of 2 was beaten for being unaware of her husbands whereabouts. She was stopped by 2 pickup trucks full of armed Taliban militants. A Taliban commander showed her a photo of her husband and when she said that she did not know where he was. The militants began to beat her brother and as she was interfering they started to beat her as well causing her to lose the unborn baby.
What comes next for the
In today's news, the Taliban have been facing power struggles and are challenging Isis which have been trying to recruit people in Afghanistan as well as
continuing their deadly battle between
the afghan government.

There has recently been a confirmation of the death of Mullah Omar. The one eyed Afghan who was famous for transforming 50 students into a violent national rebellion against authority, has died in the hospital in Karachi, Pakistan in April 2013.
On September 14, 2015, the Tablian decidied to break in the Ghahzi prison at 2;30 am. 355 prisoner's and 436 inmates escaped and four Afghan police officer were killed and seven wounded.
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