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Economy in the 1920s

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jasmine moesser

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Economy in the 1920s

By: Deven Gould, Cameron Tice, and Matthew Shelby
Economy in the 1920s
Henry Ford and the Assembly Line
Ripple Effect of the automotive industry
Buying on Credit
Economy Leading Up to Crash of 1929
Henry Ford revolutionized the production of the automobile with the assembly line and other forms of work and engineering.
The stock market crash had a ripple effect that eventually had some degree of impact on essentially every segment of the country. This was true because it helped to destroy the buying power of many consumers and the lending ability of many banks.
Buying on credit became a huge hit throughout the 1920s. It gave people the opportunity to buy things and pay it off later but had an impact in the stock market crash and the great depression.
Rise of Steel
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