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Anna Dressed in Blood

No description

lauren hetzler

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Anna Dressed in Blood

Cas - He is the main character, ghost hunter 17 years old.
Mom - Is a good witch. Helps Cas.
Anna - Main ghost who Cas wants to kill. She kills Mike.
Carmel - Cas's friend.
Thomas - Cas's friend and is a physic.
Will- Mikes best friend.
Mike- Anna killed him.
Anna Dressed in Blood
By:Kendare Blake

Athame- This is a symbol of his strength because it was his fathers and gives him courage to kill the ghost
Car- Cas and his mom move around a lot because of Cas's job.
Setting/ Exposition
Thunder Bay Oregon, Thomas uncles store, Anna's house.
The Exposition is Cas moves to Thunder Bay to face Anna Korlov.
How it is coming Of Age?
About the Author
The theme of the book is dont judge a book by its cover and people can change.
This book is coming of age because Cas has to take care of him self while killing ghosts because his father died. Cas has the responsibility to take care of himself while killing the ghost and he has to take care of his friends Thomas and Carmel while fighting Anna. Also to protect everyone from his fathers killer.
I really liked this book. It was an intense book. It was "spellbinging and romantic" as it says on the front.
Kendare Blake grew up in Cambridge, Minnesota. She went to and graduated from Ithaca in New York. She got a masters degree from Middlesex University in London, England. Now she lives and writes in Washington.
"I'll be spending at least one of them putting on a new set of New Years. Come to think of it, maybe i shouldnt take the car back until the new tires are on"

"Hey mom sorry to wake you. You know i like to be up when you come in anyway you should always wake me, so I can sleep."

"But I'm not going to let you hurt her. You couldnt hurt her anyways"
Cas takes over his fathers job being a ghost hunter. He goes around the country killing ghosts. After killing a hitchhiker. Cas moves to Thunder Bay to kill a ghost named Anna Korlov. She kills anyone who goes inside the house. Cas, Mike, Will, Chase and Carmel go to Annas house just for fun. Mike, Will and Chase make Cas go inside. They knock Cas out with a wooden board. Anna pushes Cas into a wall while taking Mike and ripping him in half. Cas was intrested in her and how she got so much power. He wondered why save him. He started to connect with Anna and became friends. In order to kill Anna they had to do a spell to weaken her. The day of the spell they saw how she got killed. They ended up killing the dark side of Anna by taking the dress that her mother hid in the floorboards and putting it on her. She was finally free. Will wanted to kill Anna but Cas wouldnt let him. He wanted to kill her for killing Mike. Cas comes home to find his asthame under his pillow which Will had taken the night they defeated the dark side of Anna. To find out his dad's killer was in his house. They go to Anna's house to try and defeat him once and for all. Cas is no match for the Obeah. Anna uses her ghost power to help Cas out .
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