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brand audit

Jessica Dibady

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of RB BA

Jessica DIBADY
Delphine TRUONG
Huijing WANG
Brand Audit Ray-Ban 1 - Brand Inventory 2 - Brand explanatory 3 - Conclusion & Recommandations History
Product related attributes
Brand portfolio
Marketing Programs
SWOT Analysis
Porter's five forces
Brand positioning & personality
Points of Parity
Points of Difference Customer knowledge & Brand Equity
Customer based Brand Equity pyramid Porter's 5 Forces Short-term
Create more product universes (segmentation)
Review the pricing strategy (differentiation)
More advertisement in mass media (TV, Radio)

Sell other accessories (watches, clothes,…)
Create Ray-Ban stores
Invest in innovative products and technology (3D glasses) What should Ray Ban do ?
- 45% prefer Ray-Ban than competitors (Gucci, D&G, Persol, Carrera)

- 2/3 own a pair of Ray-Ban

- Most important attributes:

- Problems: high price and counterfeits Customer knowledge & Brand Equity - Strong customer knowledge
Aware of the brand’s come-back thanks to celebrities
History of the brand (Aviator)
Used in movies and song « Ray-Ban vision » by A-Trak

- Brand equity
Brand awareness: everyone knows the brand, WOM, notorious
Almost 100% recall
Favorable brand image: unique association to the past, authenticity, quality, creativity
Seen as a status symbol Customer knowledge & Brand Equity Brand domain: consumers from 16-39 years old

Brand heritage: iconic brand, used by many stars

Brand values: style, tradition and freedom of expression Anatomy of brand positioning SWOT Desired image ≈ Perceived image
Strong and reliable history
Lovemark/reputation: interaction with fans
Involves fans in campaigns (Never Hide Legends)
Limited designs gives uniqueness to the brand
Innovation (Virtual Mirror, Clip-in Flip-out) Points of Difference Anatomy of brand positioning- Brand Personality SWOT Never Hide: « successful marketing story »
- Campaign launched in Spring/Summer 2007
- Guerilla Marketing (Jay Conrad Levinson): Relies on energy and imagination
- Consistent communication in on- and offline campaigns
- Not only about the product but also the person who wears it Marketing programs Price: € 60 to € 250 --> trendy and upscale product

Slogan evolution
2003: Me and my Ray-Ban
2004: Empower your vision
2005: Change your view
2006: Never Hide Marketing programs - Emphasize the idea of blocking the sunlight
- Ray-Ban is more than sun-glasses
- Personality : authentic, courageous, fashionable, free, prestigious, real, stylish, trendy
- World-class identity
- The Brand Mantra is « Genuine since 1937 » Product related attributes - Creation: 1937
- Ray Ban was at first a brand of Bausch & Lomb
- The Army was looking for sunglasses who would protect aviators
- 1952: Wayfarer
- 1982: “Risky Business” product placement
- Now part of Luxottica group Brand History Loyalty and engagement are disrupted by counterfeit Customer based brand equity pyramid The price is considered
« too expensive »
4 product collections

Ray is part of Luxottica group, it competes with other luxury eyewear brands such as : Oakley, Persol, Vogue eyewear, Prada… Brand portfolio
Quality of the products
Protection for the eyes against ultraviolet radiation
Clear vision against glare
Comfortable wearing
Sold in main channels of distribution
European standard EN 1836 and mark. Points of Parity Iconic products of each eyewear line : Brand portfolio Thank you for your attention!
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