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The Holocaust

Why were the Jewish people singled out for extermination?

Ashley Alexis

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust Why were Jewish people singled out for extermination during the Holocaust? The Holocaust The Holocaust began when the
Germans (Nazi's) Came to power in Germany in January of 1933. The Germans believed that they were racially superior. Adolf Hitler Born: April 20th 1889
Deceased: April 30 1945 Leader of the Nazi's Targeted the Jewish people Son of Alois Schickelgruber Hitler
and Klara Poelzl Wife name: Eva Braun Hitler comminted suicide on April 30 in 1945.
The Beginning At the beggining of WWW II Jewish
People were singled out by Hitler and the
Nazi's as a danger to the Germans. In the beggining the Jewish people were singled out by being forced to wear a Star of David.
In a later time the Jewish people were no longer allowed in certain shops, they were also forbidden to walk on the sidewalk with the Germans. Progressing As the war went on and the conflict
escalated, the Jewish people were
evicted from their residents
and forcefully moved into train cars,
from there they were sent to
concentration camps. It was there
that they would spend the rest of
years during the war, if they
survived. War Years Throughout World War II
there was a persecution and murder
of approximately six million Jewish
people, around 1.5 million of these
being children. As the war escalted
the conditions of the Jewish people
only grew worse. Those that were
lucky enough to not be in a camp,
were in a Ghetto, where people were still
dieing and being killed. After hearing about the Holocaust
it makes one think: Why were the
Jewish people singled out? The answere to this question lies
in the world views of the Nazi's. The Nazi's viewed the Jewish
as a race that was bent on world
domination. They figured elimination
of the Jewish people would eliminate
the single "threat" and that they would
ultimatly become the higher power, in other
words, the most powerful race.
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