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Inference Riddles

No description

daniel cortez

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Inference Riddles

I'm a state. I have many miles
of beaches. President Bush
was born here. I am known for my
big size. My nickname is
the Lone Star State. Texas Call me when you
need help. I'm in every city. Women can
work here too. I catch the
bad guys. Police You need
to watch out
for me. If you're not
careful during winter,
I'll catch you. Medicine
is my worst
enemy. I'll give you
and your
body will hurt. FLU! I'm found
in almost
every school. Bill Gates
helped to
make me
very popular. I do not like
cheese, but I have
a mouse Most
use me, but
some also
hit me. Computer! I'm known
as "Little Pea". I was born
in Mexico. Soccer is my
passion. Chicharito I'm very loyal. Sticks can entertain me. Don't
leave your
toys out or
I might bite them. Dog! I'm a
scientist. I was born
in Germany. My last name
is synonymous
with being smart. Albert Einstein I'm a
animal I can be very
friendly. Studies show that
I'm one of the smartest animals in the world Flipper
made me
famous. I'm the
mascot to
many schools. I'm a mammel. Dolphin I said, "It's not that I'm so smart,
I just stick with a problem longer" Come here
if you like beaches. My people
love long, hot
summer days. I'm known
as the
State. I'm home to
DisneyWorld. Florida! Many people look
up to me. My job is very important. People elect me
for four years. My face usually ends
up on a dollar bill. I have
a First Lady. The President
of the United
States. I was once my own country. Inference
Riddles Eiland
Elementary When you make an inference
a. find the perimeter
b. use your background knowledge
c. use PREP
d. make a prediction A family walks into a room
holding flowers and
wearing black clothes. They
look very sad and its
obvious they have been
crying for hours. Kids are running around screaming in joy. Ballons are blocking my view and I think Charlie just ate the last piece of cake! Inferences are made by doctors when they
diagnose conditions, by FBI agents when
they follow clues, by mechanics when they
figure out what's wrong with your car, and
even by teachers when they grade your papers. First, you have to know what one is. An inference is an assumption or guess made based on specific evidence. Someone might say to you, "Nice hair," and you make the inference that the person is being rude and is really insulting you because it was said with a smirk or laugh. You infer the implied meaning – the meaning not said directly. An inference
is a guess,
but it's an
educated guess. How do you make
an inference?! I have lots of hair
and love treats. Murderers are usually
incarcerated for long
periods of time. What do you think happend?
Why did it happen?
What are the possible reasons she called the police?
How does the story end? It's hard to trust people these days. One day you're safe, the next you come home and all your belongings are gone. "I'll have to place an alarm in my house," she told the police officer.
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