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Hendrickson, T.J.

No description

Hull Elementary

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Hendrickson, T.J.

Hendrickson, T.J.
Title: Biology :P
Author: Dan Green & Simon Bashur (O_O)
Genre: Non-Fiction B)
Type Of Text: Informational :D
Lexile 960 :)
Roots need water enable to grow and stay alive just like we do.
What I knew
I'm not trying to be gross or anything but the only fact i can think of is, sperm makes a baby dont laugh!!! But i mean hey its life. its how you got here.
The pictures and how the author wrote and how the illustrator drew helped because the drawings had a good image of how that specific thing or cell would look like. The author was good with the words he/she used to define the thing or cell.
Things That Helped Me
5 words I learned
I already knew thats cells are made up of everything like matter we are all matter EVERYTHING is matter.
Stem cells can turn into any cell they want
2. Stem-Cell
3. T-Cell
Fact 1
fact 2

The End
I Would recommend this book to all my friends because it is interesting and fun to read. In my opinion i think the pictures that Simon Bashur uses in the book.
Biology is a great book with Cells to life and life to plants. This has so many facts in it for kids and is easy to read. This book is one of my favorites. Its fun to read because of all the facts about plants, life and cells. Nor does it not have that many pages it is still fun to read!!!
Fact 3
No other facts
What i knew
Roots need water enable to survive

i had none k?
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