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I Believe

No description

Sean Lattal

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of I Believe

In 1992 when I was a year old my grandma was diagnosed with PPH (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension) which means the heart is enlarged from blood clots By 1994 she was told there was no hope unless she had a transplant In 1995 she was fortunate enough to receive two lungs and a heart from the same person As a result of the transplant my grandma would be on oxygen the rest of her life The technology of oxygen tanks helped her live more comfortably Her surgery was an advancement in technology because it was the first time ever that someone received two lungs and a heart at the same time It was a risky operation and the doctors were not sure what the result would be, luckily for everyone it was a success By 2003 things wee not going as smoothly as before and one of her lungs was going into rejection. A year later in 2004 she received a new lung and this time a kidney It was a miracle for her to survive a second transplant and for another five and a half years she was able to live and continue using oxygen Finally in August of 2009 her lungs went into rejection for a third and final time Again her oxygen helpd her live six months after her lungs went into rejction for the last time On February 20, 2010 she passed away, 17 years after doctors told us she would My grandma's wish was to watch her seven grandchildren grow up and she saw the three oldest go to college and my younger brother make it to his junior year of high school Technology hlped me live 19 years with my grandma she was able to watch me... Play hockey... Graduate high school... Go to college and... Grow up in general I believe the technology of oxygen, transplants and medicine is so important because it saves so many people and allows people like myself to be with their family longer than expected
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