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Cardiovascular System

No description

Ana Jones

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System
Section 1
Cardio means heart and vascular mean blood vessel

Bring oxygen and nutrients to cells

Carries away carbon dioxide and other wastes

Carries heat and hormones
The cardiovascular system is an organ system made up of your heart, blood, and blood vessels
About size of fist
Right side and left side
Upper chamber atrium
Lower chamber ventricle
The Heart
Blood vessels that carries blood away from the heart

Thick walls of smooth muscle

Pulse is created by rhythmic contractions of heart pumping blood into the arteries.
Tiny blood vessel that allows exchanges between body cells and blood

Walls only one cell thick so that it is easy for oxygen and nutrients to reach each cell.

Pick up wastes including CO2 from cells

Most body cells no more than four cells away from a capillary
Right side oxygen poor blood pumped to lungs
left side oxygen rich blood to body

Flap like structures called valves separate the atria and ventricles

Valves prevent blood from flowing backwards
lub dub sound of a beating heart is cause by the closing of the valves
Blood vessels that carries blood back to the heart.

Valves in veins prevent blood from flowing backward

When skeletal muscles contract they help push blood back toward the heart by squeezing near by veins
Cardiovascular Problems
Can affect your entire body
Smoking, cholesterol, stress, inactivity and heredity
Leading cause of death in US
Two Types of Circulation
Blood Vessels
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