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The History of the Drums

Prezi for tech project

Chris Edelman

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of The History of the Drums

The History of the Drums
By Chris Edelman The drums are used to express
yourself through organized
sound and has been used
throughout time. The drums
were first invented in about
6000 BC by the Mesopotamians.
It has been used throughout time
and continues to be used today. Milestone 1:
The Mesopotamians created a
cylindrical drum in 6000 BC.
The ones that still are intact today
have markings from before 3000 BC. Milestone 2:
First symbols created
in China in 1100 BC.
They were used
in religious ceremonies
and other meetings. Milestone 1:
The tiako drum is invented
in 300 BC by Koreans
in Japan. It was used also
in ceremonies and in social
gatherings. Milestone 4:
The snare drum is invented
in the 1300's in medieval
Europe. it is also called the Tabor.
It is still used today in modified
versions in drum sets and
by itself in concerts and other musical
events. Milestone 5:
The Timpany was created
in the 1400's in West Europe.
It is used even today in orchestral
music. It is the only drum that has a
specific tone that is used as part of
the melody. Milestone 6:
The bass drum is created
in Europe in the 1400's.
It is still used today in
drum kits. It has the darkest
sound of any drum. It also
sounds like it is muffled. Milestone 7:
The Turks modify the
snare drum as a war
drum in the 1500's.
It was used as a war
drum through the Civil
War. Milestone 8:
The Bongo drum is created
in Cuba in the early 1800's.
By the mid 1800's it was one
of the most popular instruments
in Africa. Bongo means twin which
explains the design of the drum. Milestone 9:
The first drum set is
assembled in 1930
in the US. It is made
up of tom drums,
symbols, a snare drum
and a bass drum.
It is used in most
modern music. This
music includes pop,
rock, classical, jazz,
metal and more. Milestone 10:
The first electric drum
set is created in the US
in 1973 by Carl Bartos.
Electric drum sets
are used today in studios
and in hip-hop and techno
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