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Transcript of Water

Sea Water Differently
According to Nationalpost, in 2009 the average Canadian used approximately
329 liters of water
per day. That much water is enough to just fill over two bathtubs.Around
2000 to 5000 liters
of water is required to prepare the daily amount of food for a
single person.

How much do we need?
Water and Food
Out of all foods, cow meat takes the second most amount of water, using about
15000 liters
of water for just one kilogram. The average burger without toppings uses about
2399 liters
of water. If you are not willing to give up meat forever, consider participating in a meat-free day once a week, which can save up to
317 975 liters
of water per year. By not eating a kilogram of beef, you save the same amount of water as you would if you didn't shower for six months.
There is only one food that takes more water to produce than beef, and it is very sadly, chocolate. Yes, chocolate. Using 24 000 - 27 000 liters of water per kilogram, cocoa beans beat beef by thousands. Although it seems like the large amount of water is from foods we add to chocolate, like milk or vanilla for example, it is in fact the growing of cocoa beans that uses all the water. On average, one serving of milk chocolate uses 10 777 liters of water. Enjoy your chocolate bar!

Vegetables don't take nearly as much water as meat
, but they still use some. The main problem with vegetable crops is that they are often thrown away by grocery stores or their farmers, because people don't like to eat vegetables and fruits that look to be the wrong shape, color, etc. In fact,
30% of the UK's vegetable crop is never even harvested
due to this. If it weren't for that, vegetables would be using barely any water.
One in six people don't have enough of it, others use it like no one else needs it.
Water Usage

The approximate growth of the world’s population is
80 million

people per year
which is enough people to use
64 billion
cubic metres of water
per year
. People use water in many different ways, many being completely
of our water is used for irrigation,
on industry, and around
for domestic use. It is highly likely that the water demand will increase by
50% by 2025.
Most people believe that roughly
2-3 liters
(depending on your physical condition) of water is needed
to drink, but truth is,
of your daily water intake is ingested from what you
. It is possible to drink
much water
. Drinking too much is called
water intoxication
. Not consuming enough water causes
The goal we are trying to achieve with this project is to encourage our audience to stop ignoring the facts, and actually take action against overuse of water.

a 4+
Why Changing Your Diet can Change the World
When most people hear that animal products have a huge impact on the environment,
they think nothing of it
. Just mentioning it to some people will make them start going on and on about how they could never give up bacon, or cheese, or steak. In the end, the one thing that people could do to save the most water resources is
stop eating animal products, particularly beef.
It could save our water resources. It's not that hard, and it saves a whopping amount of water.
Agriculture in general uses 70% of the worlds water
resources, and agriculture includes vegetables, so try buying
produce and not wasting vegetables, too. Meat is not something we need to eat to survive, so it is therefore using water for a careless use, or as our couplet says, using water like nobody else needs it.
1 in 6 People Don't Have Enough of it
More than
3.4 million
people die
each year
due to a lack of water. That includes every water crisis, including disease, lack of sanitation, dehydration, and dirty water. This is caused by basically anyone in a
developed or developing country
. In developing countries, people are forced to drink unsanitized water because they
can't afford to cleanse their polluted water.
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