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Basic Restaurant Service of Wine SOP

No description

Charmaine Dacoco

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Basic Restaurant Service of Wine SOP

SOP Food and Beverage Department – Basic Restaurant Service of Wine
1. Presenting a Bottle of Wine
• First is approach the guest from his/her right side.
• Hold the base of the bottle in the palm of your left hand, with folded, clean napkin immediately beneath the bottle. Also hold the neck of the bottle with your right hand.
• Tilt the bottle so guest can easily read the label.
• Do not shake or make any sudden movements with the wine. There may be sediment in the bottle, especially if it’s old red wine.
• Mention the name of the wine, the country of origin, and vintage (year).

2. Serving Wine
• Approach the guest who ordered the wine from the guest’s right side.
• Pour about 1 ounce into the glass. Allow the wine to be tasted and either accepted or rejected.
“Madam/Sir would you like to taste the wine first?”
• Proceed to serve other guests at the table, serving ladies before gentlemen.
• Pour from the right side of the guests, using your right hand, right foot forward and traveling around the table in a clockwise direction, if possible.
• Fill each glass with about 3 to 5 ounces of wine. The wine glass should not be more than half full at any time.

• Replace the bottle in the ice bucket (if white wine or sparkling wine)
• When pouring the wine, never allow the bottle to touch the rim of the glass.
• As you pour, make sure the label is always fronting to each guests.• To pour, use your wrists! Tip the bottle slowly downward until the wine begins to flow. When the wine has been poured, pivot the wrist, and twist the neck of the bottle upward, so the wine will not drip from the bottle, and avoid any spillage.
• Touch the tip of the bottle with a clean, folded serviette/ napkin to catch any drip from the bottle
• Refill glasses as they are emptied. Don’t wait to be asked.

I. Presenting and serving main course wine purposes of presenting the wine
1. Allowing the guest to see what they ordered, before opening it.
2. Allowing guest to see and check the vintage if the bottle agrees with the described on the wine list.

 In serving red wine fill the red wine glass not more than half-full.
 For white wine, white wine glass should be two-thirds full.
 For sparkling wines, fill glass to nearly the top.

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