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George Orwell's 1984, Connotation behind the Symbolic Paperweight

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Asmaa Abdulhamid

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of George Orwell's 1984, Connotation behind the Symbolic Paperweight

Connotation behind the Symbolic Paperweight
Character Overview
Winston Smith
Big Brother

1984 by George Orwell
Freedom and Hope
The paperweight represents.......
What role does it play in the novel?
“If there is hope, it lies in the Proles”, (Orwell 72).

Winston's Life
- Skinny , middle aged man
- Rebellious
- Pessimistic
- Works in the Ministry of
-Hates the Party and
wants to test its power

-Winston's lover
- Dark- Haired
- Rational
-Hate the Party and wishes to rebel against it.
-keeps a secondhand store in the Prole district
- a 30 years old
- He is really a Thought Police
- Betrays Winston just when Winston thought he was safe.
-sells him the paperweight

- powerful member of the Inner Party
-Tricks Winston into believing he is a member of the revolutionary groupThe Brotherhood.

- The leader of the Party
- He may not be real
- Big Brother is your biggest threat
- He is watching your every move.

Big Brother
“The thing was double attractive because of its apparent uselessness”, (Orwell 99).
“That’s coral, that is, said the old man… It must have come from the Indian Ocean. They used to kind of embed it in the glass. That’s wasn’t made less than hundred years ago, more, by the look of it” (Orwell, 99).

“The paperweight symbolizes the past in which Winston strives to understand.” (Trast, 2009)
What is the paperweight?
An item with two corals inside fragile glass covering.It was purchased as Mr.Charrington's shop in the Proles
Why did Winston purchase it?
It beautiful in a world without beauty

It reconnects him with the past
It a useless item, that is therefore considered as a rebellion to the party
How does it influence Winston
Make him more rebellious
Memories and dreams become clearer
“Winston compares the glass paperweight as rainwater which implies purity and rebirth” (Place 2003).
“Or they would disappear, alter themselves out of recognition”, (Orwell 158-159).
" fragment of coral, a tiny crinkle of pink life a sugar rosebud from a cake, rolled across the mat” (Orwell 232)
“How small it always was!”
(Orwell 232).
Winston and Julia's relationship
When Winston gazed into the heart of the paperweight he wished he was in the glassy world where time could be arrested (Orwell 158).
Any small hope from Julia and Winston’s is now demolished (Franks 2009).
“The destruction that Winston and Julia had created and begins the end of the awareness for which he had worked” (Place 2003).
Winston often describes his relationship with a Julia as a beautiful thing (Orwell 126).
Something small can represent something big
the meaning of freedom should not be discussed in Oceania.
reconnects him with the past.
it’s beautiful
it seems to hold no use
senses hope in the Proles
Although, the paperweight is useless, Winston had an urge to buy it because it was attractive.
In his diary he writes,
The paperweight also holds no significance, this means its hold no importance/meaning to Oceania’s people, Party and rules; therefore, thats why it is referred to as being useless.
the paperweight is looked upon as a sacrifice in Oceania.
3. In Oceania as long as Big Brother is the dictator, freedom and memories mean less than physical coercion.
reminds him of his mother and sister because it was made a long time ago.
curiosity for the definition of what freedom and hope really was in the past.
The paperweight, rewires Winston with the past making him more prune to what happened to freedom and hope before the Party.
The meaning of life has been destroyed by the party
This shows that the paperweight symbolizes the suspension of time or life. The coral in the glass paperweight represents a rose or a sea anemone to Winston’s eyes.
As Winston distant himself from Big Brother, his memory and dreams becomes clear and pure
Winston’s life becomes so in control by the paperweight that he dreams about altering his identity to become a Prole to make his life better.
The paperweight influenced Winston’s thoughts and dreams. This is because a glance at it enabled him to come up with a lot of ideas about escaping his present life or making it better.
when Winston gets caught by the thought Police.............
the paperweight is thrown and shattered
Winston realizes .....
the paperweight is truly a...
Now seeing it on the ground Winston cannot believe how misleading it is. As the paperweight shatters to the ground this also epitomizes the end of Winston’s life, if he does not cooperate with the Thought Police.
The two corals in the paperweight each represent Winston and Julia in a long lasting relationship and the protective crystal covering indicates the apartment where both Julia and Winston can be together.
the paperweight represents the apartment
Winston feels the urge to escape but all he can do is
day dream
The paperweight was first obtained because it was beautiful.
10. The fact that, the paperweight is on the bed table clarifies that Winston glances at it from time to time when making love with Julia. Both their relationship and the paperweight are known as beautiful.
if it represents Julia and Winston and then it shatters, it would therefore mean the conclusion of their relationship.
Sneak Peak
1984 takes place in a world where totalitarianism government is in power. "Big Brother " is known as the government who controls what you do, think, and desire. No one can run away from Big Brother
the paperweight may be overlooked by readers but as proved it holds a greater significance in the novel.
it travels with Winston from day of purchase until he gets arrested.
where it gets shattered as well.
Freedom and hope
the paperweight symbolizes
his relationship with Julia
On the contrary, the term desire is not allowed to be attributed to anything in Oceania.
This is because the term means to want something. In Oceania, the desire to want something is not permissible rather one must need something.
Hence, the paperweight is a form of rebellion to the party because the party says everyone and everything has to be useful.
not according to the Party...
The paperweight....
ancient piece of history
which lead to his
the glass paperweight inspires Winston to many ideas that could ruin his life either for the better or the worse.
One of the Thought Police through the paperweight against the ground.
which directs the point that Julia and Winston are like the two corals and the apartment is the glass covering.
The paperweight is important to the novel as it symbolizes intervals in Winston’s lifetime.
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