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First Security Bank 3.17.16

No description

Greg Wathen

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of First Security Bank 3.17.16

Beth McFadin Higgins, President
McFadin Higgins & Folz, LLP

Rick Schach, Vice President
Vectren Corporation

Jim Ryan, Secretary
Old National Bank

Dan Potje

Howard Nevins
InTerraChem, LLC
Southwest Indiana
Regional Development Authority

Year of planning, some dirt movement and draw all RDA funds

Completing projects

Academic Health Science Education and
Research Campus
Working Lab for New Urban Living
Evansville Regional Airport Terminal Renovation
Dec. 1, 2006
June 26, 2006
March 1, 2007
Coalition formed
QCDC absorbed
President & CEO
$2.8 Billion
$74 Million
$42 Million
Signed contract between RDA and IEDC in April 2016
Confirm agreements between all sub-recipients and RDA by end of June 2016
Coalition will be management arm for RDA
Determine level of Coalition involvement with each project
Working with Indiana University
and partners
to define research
Meeting with project partners to
determine design scope
as well as meeting
with potential developers
Airport working on detailed plans

$115 Million
$3.2 Billion
$42 Million
Next Steps
Anticipate construction start
during Q4 2016
New Harmony

Originally imagined, intentionally created
Oakland City
Downtown Housing
Working with architects on planning and design
Victoria National
Conference Center
Farm to Table & Pedestrian Park/Bridge
Building the region's brand
Begin the planning process
Phase One: Discovery
Planning and design phase
Construction tentative
Fall 2016
Beginning discussion with possible project partners

Keep informed with the Coalition
Up to 60 one/two bedroom units

Total projects cost:
$10 million to $12 million

Indiana Entrepreneurship Week
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