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Number the stars Jose David

No description


on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Number the stars Jose David

Number the stars
By:Lois Lowry
1. Stocky: Fat and small build.
2. Lanky: Thin an tall buils
3. Sneer: To smile in a meanful way
4. Dawdle: To waste time
5. Pout: To push lips out when mad or sad.
6.Torment: Bothering someone
7. Plodding: Walking slowly and heavly like walking on snow
8. Impassive: Not showing emotions
9. Obstinate:Being reluctant
10.Submerged: Ubder water.
Main Characters
Annemarie is a normal danish citenzen. She has a jewish friend and a little sister. She's lanky and fast.
Ellen is Annemaries best friend. She's jewish and goes to the same school as Annemarie. She's stocky and has dark hair.
Kirsti is Annemarie's sister. She's a little not aware of danger and has a good memory.
Mama and Papa:
They are the parents of Annemarie and Kirsti.They help the Rosens who are jewish
This story happens on Denmark. First on Copenhagen and then in the beach of Denmark next to Sweden. This happened in 1943 when the Nazis were taking over.
Annemarie Johasen is best friendwith the jew Ellen Rosen. It's 1943 and the Nazis have taken over Denmark. The Johansen's live in the city of Copenhagen were soldiers march in the streets. Annemarie had lost her older sister when she was going to marry Peter Neilsen. Now Nazis are "relocating" jews, the Rosens are in big trouble.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosen leave to a unknown place leaving Ellen with the Johansen's. One night a soldier broke in the Johansens house. The solier got suspicious when he saw Ellen because of her dark hair. But Papa tricked the soldier and the soldier got out the house mad. Just then Papa organized a "fishing" trip were he doesn't go. They go to uncle Henrick's farm near the sea. Some days passed when Momma said their "Great Aunt Birte" had died. Annemarie never heard about any Great Aunt Birte, there was something fishy going on.That nigth lots of people came including the Rosens and Peter Neilsen. A casket was put in the room were supposaly Aunt Birte was. A soldier came and was tricked by Mamma. The soldier never opened the casket. When the soldier leaved Peter opened the casket wich was filled with clothes not any dead body! The truth is that Uncle Henrick was going to ship the Rosens and other people to Sweden. Mama was going to lead them in the dark to the sea. She was only supposed to be out 30 minutes but she was out until early sunrise. She had twisted her ankle. Annemarie helped her but he found a little packet on the steps. Mamma was worried that packet was important. She told Annemarie to put the packet on a basket filled with food so nobody noticed. Annemarie ran to deliver it to uncle Henrick. She found soldiers on the way. She found a way to fool them and gave the packet to uncle Henrick. Later Uncle Henrick came back ant told eveyone that the Rosens were safe in Sweden.
Mamma told Annemarie that Lise her dead sister was part of the resistance so was Peter who was shot. A year has passed Annemarie is older and World War 2 has ended. They go back to Copenhagen to live their lives.
Would you change the ending of the book?
No because I like how the author describes Copenhagen. Like new neighbors coming or how Kirsty has grown. Plus that now Annemarie uses Ellen necklace.
I liked this book because it tells about a exiting
adventure during world war 2. People that enjoy stories filled with descriptions would love this book. People would read this book if they want to have a good time or know life during that time.
The End
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