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The Giver Storyboard

No description

Regis Boachie

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of The Giver Storyboard

Th Giv r
written by Lois Lowry
Storyboard by Regis, Hannah and Alan
12 year old Jonas lives in a futuristic world where there is no color, no emotion, and no difference. Everything is the same and that is how the people of the Community like it.
Jonas, his father and mother, his sister Lily and all the residents of this community follow a strict set of rules created for them by their ancestors. To break these rules would mean to be released from the Community. The rules keep the Community in order. The only abnormal thing that ever happens to Jonas is that sometimes things.... "change".
At the age of 12, everyone receives a job chosen for them by the committee based on their interests and where they spent their community hours. Jonas is apprehensive as he sits waiting for his turn, but he knows that he will become a normal part of the community.
He was wrong. Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory. The very highest honor. This has not happened since 10 years ago, when it went horribly wrong.
Jonas is forbidden to talk about his new role, but he is now permitted to lie, which is against the rules. Another change has also taken place in Jonas' life. A baby named Gabriel who has trouble sleeping is brought into the house to see if he can be cured of this instead of being released.
When Jonas first meets the old receiver of memories, who calls himself the Giver, he begins his training. The Giver's job is to transfer all the memories of the Community to Jonas, for him to bear. The Giver first transfers happy memories to him, things Jonas never knew existed.
But along with the good memories are bad ones. Awful things that humanity has forgotten. Jonas has to remember them.
Jonas can't share the memories with anyone or even talk about them. He realizes how little everyone around him knows, and how clueless about the outside world they are He feels detached from the community.
One day, Jonas asks the Giver about release. The Giver has him watch his own father release a baby who was smaller than its twin. Jonas' father injects the baby with a fluid that kills it. Jonas learns that to be released means to be killed.
Jonas and the Giver decide that they must find the truth. They decide that Jonas will leave the community to find Elsewhere. That way, all the memories he has will go back to the people in the community.
Jonas is forced to leave earlier than expected because Gabriel is to be released the next morning. Jonas and Gabriel sneak out of the community on bicycle.
The journey is long & hard, and Jonas and Gabriel almost freeze to death. The book ends in an open ended way, leaving the ending to the imagination of the reader.
The End
Thank you, thank you very much
Jonas learns of the receiver before him, a girl named Rosemary who couldn't handle the burden of being the Receiver of Memory. She decided to be released rather than to become the Receiver. She was the daughter of the giver.
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