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ECA Essay

No description

Miss Grannan

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of ECA Essay

ECA Acronym Tips to help you write essays for the English 10 ECA! T P S T A T V C itle rompt emicolons hesis ctive voice ransitions ivid verbs onclusion The passing students take all tests very carefully. T P S T A T V C TITLE, PROMPT, SEMICOLONS THESIS, ACTIVE VOICE, TRANSITIONS VIVID VERBS, CONCLUSION The passing students take all tests very carefully. Title: Prompt: Semicolon: Thesis: Active Voice: Transitions: Vivid Verbs: Conclusion: Should be creative and relate to main idea of prompt. If the prompt is over censorship in libraries, what would be a creative title? Read carefully and fully answer the question being asked. Example Essay Prompt Styles:
-argumentative Use a semicolon to show your fancy understanding of punctuation The bat hit my face; it hurt. Put your subjects before your verbs. The dog bit the boy. (Correct) The boy was bit by the dog. (Incorrect) This is the main idea of your essay and all of your evidence (body paragraphs) should support this sentence THesis:
I believe censorship should not be allowed in libraries.
(Body paragraphs will give reasons why I feel this way.) Connect the ideas in one paragraph to the next Example words to use: Therefore, Although, However, Next.... etc. Be descriptive; don't just use boring verbs Sprinted instead of ran
Adore instead of like
(Use big words you know the meaning of) Tie in all of your reasons, restate your thesis, and do not introduce anything new
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